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Easy sugar cookie recipes: How to make Christmas sugar cookies

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The holidays are always a super busy time for people. There's so much going on with parties and school activities, it's really hard to fit everything in. But I'm going to help by showing you two easy Christmas cookie recipes that are fast, delicious, and they can double as gifts. I'm Cricket Azima. We're going to whip up a mini cookie collection and a batch of colorful stained glass cookies. First up is the mini cookie collection. Sometimes all you have to do is take a few different cookie mixes.

I'm using chocolate chip, peanut butter, and sugar cookie mixes. Instead of spinning out a teaspoon, I'm just going to use a half teaspoon of cookie. For the chocolate chip cookies, I'm going to leave them as is because they're delicious. For the mini peanut butter blossom cookies, start with a peanut butter cookie mix, and add water, oil, and egg. Stir until a dough forms. Role the dough into half inch balls. After that, role the balls in some sugar and put them on a cookie sheet.

After baking, take one of the mini Hershey's Kisses chocolates and press it into the middle of each cookie. Next I'm going to make quick snickerdoodles. Start with the sugar cookie mix and add egg, softened butter or margarine, and stir until a dough is formed. Then shape the dough into half inch balls. I've combined some cinnamon and sugar in a small bowl. Roll the balls of dough into the mixture. Place them on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake.

And there you have it, your mini cookie collection. You can serve them at holiday parties. Or you can even put them in a mini decorative tin and give them as a gift. The second recipe is for our stained glass cookies. Start by preheating the oven to 375. All you have to do is start with your favorite sugar cookie mix. Combine the cookie mix with melted butter or margarine, egg, and flour, until a dough is formed. After the dough is made, it's the perfect time to get the kids involved.

Kids always love rolling out dough and helping make cookies. After you've stamped out the cookies, you're going to move the dough over to a cookie sheet. And the unique thing about these cookies is that you actually decorate them before they go into the oven using gels. After your cookies are decorated, you're going to put them in the oven for seven to nine minutes.

After the cookies have come out of the oven, we're going to let them cool on the cookie sheet for a couple minutes. You can see how the gels have melted really nicely for that stained glass effect. You can use this quick and easy decorating technique anytime of the year.

Happy holidays, everyone. I'm Cricket Azima bringing you great ideas from Betty Crocker with Howdini. .

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Cricket Azima, professional creative chef and baker, for the Betty Crocker kitchens, demos how to make several easy Christmas cookie recipes that are quick, fast and can even double as gifts! Don’t forget to grab your kids for these; adding decorations should absolutely be a family affair. Happy Holidays!

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