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Tvrdý k systému, měkký k lidem, Impulzy

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I have spent the turn of the year 90/91 on the ship. As a waiter. And it was a great experience for me. How do things work on such a ship? It was a ship for 3,000 people, and imagine a dining room for 3,000 people. It was as big as a football field, and it required a system. One group of people from five to half past eight, second group from half past eight to midnight. And at the start of the trip you got the table assigned and the time was agreed, whether you will be in the first or the second group. And I as a waiter, I got assigned a certain number of tables. So the whole week I looked after the same group of people. Now what happened one day. At about half past eleven PM my guests told me: "Peter, go to bed, we will not come today anymore, we go to the theater the evening, there will be a performance, we will not come back today." Thus I had a clear conscience that no one will come there, I cleaned the tables, got them ready for breakfast, and I went back into the kitchen. And there a "baked potatoe" smiled at me. In foil, and with the "sour cream", so I took it. That was allowed. As waiters, when there was an "all inclusive" we had one advantage. After the end of working hours we could take whatever guests had. Well, but I took it about half past eleven, the potato. And so that nobody saw me, I went to the food storage room. And there I sit down and ate, and at the same time, Murphy's Law, the "dining room" manager went past. - Hello, Peter. What will you do? Well, "Hello". I threw potatoes into the bin and went with him. He checked all my tables. all of my "side" if everything was all right I was ok, because I knew that in this I was precise. Well, he did not say a word. Only the next morning I found my name on the board. Peter Urbanec to the "dining room" manager. Each waiter had to look at the board every morning to see if there is a message. And there was one for me. To the "dining room" manager. I came into his office, and he had this american "Hello, Peter, how are you doing? " "Well, I´am well, sure, fine." He said:"I have something for you." And I was like: "Great, what is that" "There it is on the table." And there was a big yellow paper. Big one, A4. I knew what that paper was. The paper was called "Yellow warning". (for Slovak speakers - Yellow warning.) Do you know what that meant, getting a yellow warning in the company? Yellow warning meant the same as yellow card for a football player. If you get one more yellow card. You get red and you go away. Well, my spontaneous reaction was - it were 90´s and I was raised in the former regime, I asked my boss a very spontaneous question. "Me, the yellow warning? Why?" And he said to me: "You're asking me why?" I said: "Yes." "Well, read it." And on the paper it was written: At 23:30 he consumed food in strictly hygienic food storage room. Well what do you say? Anyway, I could not say anything, he was right. So I signed it, he took it back and with a smile he asked me: "Peter, are you going to play volleyball at the beach when the shift is over? " Sometimes, at about half past twelve we went to play volleyball. And I told him... What do you think I told him? I said: "No, I'm not going, my knees hurt." And I left and slammed the door behind me. And after two months it was forgotten. For me it was very... I considered it to be very unfair. And after about two months "dining room" manager called us all again and he said, to all the waiters, there were 100 waiters on the ship. And he said: "Guys - today there will be," -there were only men there, because it was physically a very demanding job, And he said, 'Guys, Today, a delegation will come, so I want you all function as a Swiss watch. We all said:"Sure, no problem, boss, fine, fine. " And it was a very important group of people to come - investors who were supposed to buy that boat. So a very important visit. And as usually, Murphy's law worked. I went with a huge tray with a huge pile of dirty dishes. Since the dining room was huge, we carried it around on large trays, and I had everything there, unfinished meals and such. and I carried it on my shoulder. And as I walked in the high speed, there was this aisle, crossing such, as I say, main "strasse". And that is where these people were just going. And because I held my elbow like that, I did not see them, and at the very last moment I noticed that I would run just a meter in front of them. I panicked and as I braked in front of them, and my load started to fall. And there were people sitting around, it almost fell on them. And I had no choice. I lost my balance and plates fell on my head and the sauce was pouring down my face. And the only thing I could do, I threw the whole load in front of that group. And the people there froze. The life in the dining room stopped. And I was looking in my boss´s eyes from about 3-4 meters. And you know what he did? We looked at each other for what seemed to me as eternity, I was all dirty, in this position, My boss came up to me tapped me on the shoulder and said: "Peter, are you okay?" And I said: "Well, yes, I am." He said, with a smile: "Man, this can happen. It's ok." He turned to other waitera and said: "Guys, you, you and you, clean this mess up. And Peter, listen, go change your clothes, chill out, and then, with a clean shirt, come back. " And with a smile on his face he told me: "Have a nice evening, Peter." "Have a nice evening, Peter." He turned to the delegation and said, "Ladies, gentlemen, we'll go." And I ask you, how did the manager react? As I saw him, as the delegation saw him, as the guests saw him, Well, since then I told myself, that my boss is not that bad. The next day, what do you think did he called me into his office? I admit that I was a little worried. But he did not call me. And life on that ship ran further and after further two months - I think it was in Ojo Rios in Jamaica, I saw somebody calling me on the beach: "Peter, Peter, come here!" And that was my "dining room" manager. He called me and said, "Would you fancy one small shot with me? Come!" So we had one and as we sat at the bar, I told him: "Since we are here alone now, I want to tell you something. It was so great, how you handled that situation when I dumped those dishes, I thought you were going to fire me." And he looked at me intently and asked: "Why?" "Well, because it was an accident, and by the way, praising you for this, I have to tell you, that Yellow warning you gave me two months ago was unfair. " And he asked me: "Unfair, why?" "I've been working as best I could and you gave me Yellow warning for such crap. " And he said: "Crap? So listen to me, buddy. " And he wrote a sentence on a piece of paper, that I have been spreading around for over 20 years now. Tough to the system, soft to a man. And he told me: "Peter, did you know that you are forbidden from eating in the storage room, that it is strictly hygienic space?" I said: "Well, yes I did." "Oh, so you knowingly violate the rule and you have eaten there. " And I said, "Yes, I knew, and I ate where it was forbidden. "Ok, another thing. Did you know that at 23:30 it is yet not allowed to consume food and you had to be on set, even if there were no guests? " "Well, I knew, but .." "No but! That means you knew, that by leaving the workplace at 23:30 you knowingly violate the rule? " I was like a little kid. "Yes, it's true." And he said: "Let me ask you one fundamental question. Have you done it since? " What do you think, did I do it since? Of course I did not! And he had yet another question. "Listen, those guys from Spain you play football with, did you tell them, what I did to you?" I answered: "Yes, I told them." "What do you think, did they do it since?" And I said: "Well, I guess not." And he said to me: "Do you see that? I gave it to you because you knowingly violated the rule, while the second case with the dishes, it just happened - and it can happen." I confess to you, dear friends, that since like this idea strongly resonates in my head. Tough to the system, soft to a man. And when I watch Slovak and Czech managers, how they use this rule, do you know how they often use it? Just the other way round. They are soft to the system, soft to obeying the rules, and they are tough on people. I wish you a wonderful day. Tough to the system, soft to a man.

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Tvrdý k systému, měkký k lidem, Impulzy

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