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[AI Business School] >>Brad Smith: Artificial Intelligence has already become one of the defining technologies of our time. It's already enabling faster and more profound progress in nearly every field of human endeavor. It is helping us to address some of society's most daunting challenges. From helping us address the climate of the planet to helping farmers produce more to feed a growing population. At Microsoft, we have seen a surge of breakthroughs in AI just in the past couple of years. Our systems are approaching human parity in object recognition, speech recognition language translation and machine reading comprehension. Enabling computers to see to understand and to interact with the world in more ways than ever before. But as with all of the great technological innovations of the past, these new advances in AI also bring about considerable change. Change to our lives raising complex and challenging questions about the future a future we need to look at with our eyes wide open. It is more important than ever for people like you for all of us to ask the important questions that we need to address together. How do we design, build, and use AI systems that create a positive impact on individuals and society? How can we ensure that AI systems treat everyone fairly? How can we best prepare the workforce for this new AI era? These are precisely the right questions for stake holders across society. For people and groups that are developing and adopting the principles, laws and regulations that will guide AI's future. These are the issues that are fundamental for organizations that are focused on the policies and practices internally for themselves and more broadly for the world to ensure that AI efforts go forward in a responsible way. In this responsible AI learning module, we will provide an overview of Microsoft's perspective on engaging with AI in a responsible way. We will share what we are learning in our own AI journey. And while we recognize that we don't have all the answers not for a moment we hope we can provide some useful perspectives. Perspectives that we hope will help businesses and organizations and everyone as people plan to introduce AI in their own products and services within an organization. We look forward to working collaboratively because that is what it will take for all of us to create a collective approach to AI that really meets the needs and expectations of society that supports businesses in their digital transformation journey. that enables governments to better serve the needs to all citizens through the use of AI. [Line Break]

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