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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~08:33:28 - 08:48:28

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I'm bored. I'm bored. Did you go to the sea? Your skin is peeling here and here. Your arms are peeling all over. -We don't go to the swimming pool. -So you go to the sea? -Not the sea either. -You don't? -We used to, a long time ago. Whenever I go to the sea I tan. -Do you study in Areha? -No. -What about you? - No. -What's the name of your school? -Baker. Yours? I study at Mohammed Shami. I used to study in Baker. It sucks! Once I was there... I was closing the door and I put my hand inside this round thing... I put my hand...I was closing the door and cut my hand. My whole hand, it bled. I swear, I closed the door on my hand. But it's a beautiful school! It's dirty! Filthy! Abu Khamismeah is there, right? -What? -Abu Khamismeah? The guy that always throws eggs. -Abu Khamismeah! -Yes, do you know him? -No. - Above your school. Sometimes he dresses up like a woman and throws eggs and tomatoes. I swear! I brought fifteen hundred, I brought one thousand and... I still owe the teacher fifteen hundred. This money is for last week... ...for last week and this week. Jamila, move around, act normal. Talk to your friends. Do whatever you want, like normal. Don't just sit there. Talk, act normal. Act as if no one is filming you, okay? Get up and move, sweetheart. Stand up. Go play with your friends! Get up! Miss Zouhour, Miss Zouhour... Did Mama say I should stay here? Yes, yes. Now you'll go to dabkeh class and then will go home. When you are done here, what your mother and I decided... Once dabkeh practice is over, you'll go home. Act like you always do. Do you know what I mean? -Why is he filming you? Why? - I don't know. -What? -I don't know! Come here. I want to tell you something. Ask Miss Zouhour why they've been filming me since yesterday. They've been filming me since yesterday...Yesterday! -They even slept at our house! I swear! -Really? They slept at our house last night. It's fun, I swear! They film bit by bit. Look at the microphone. -Are you hot? -It's like fire! You're lucky. You're wearing a sleeveless shirt! It's hot! Why did you turn it off? If we turn it on, you say it's cold. If we turn it off, you say it's hot! Turn it on half-way! Go put it on medium. Don't do that. Turn it on when I leave. -It's not my problem that you are sick! -Bear with me! -Well I'm sick too! -You have guests? -Yes. -Did they sleep at your house? -Yes. -Where did you put them? -In the living room. -Did you slept in the living room too? -No. -Why not? -I had to go to school! -Did you stay up? -Very late? -Yes. -And now you're sleepy? Are you going to be sleepy for dabkeh? -Not too sleepy. -No? We have to be awake! -Right? -Yes. -Thank you. We have to be awake, don't we? -What? -Yes. -Good morning, teacher. -Good morning. They slept at our house yesterday. I swear on the Koran! -Are they your relatives? -I do not know! -What did they put on you? -A microphone. -What? -A microphone. Fitna left? Fitna left? Oh God! You missed it. That means you have to go today. -Really? -It's not my problem! -Did you participate in the marathon? You didn't? She's not talking anymore! Who? His uncle? -They were fighting! -Oh God! -Who's his uncle? -I said "they're fighting"! I know, I understood you. I am just being silly! Hi Manal. You haven't been here for awhile! -That's not true. I always come! - Abd, does Manal always come? -Yes, she does. - Tell me the truth! -Would you make us somecoffee? -I would be happy to. -Manal! Without filming us, serve us some coffee. Um Hilmi, how is it possible Abd is here and you didn't make him a cup coffee? -Why was Jamila absent? -Who? -What? I don't know. It seems that today is girls day. Why aren't there any boys? -Why are they being lazy? -This group doesn't have many boys. -No boys? - What about Khalil and Abd? -And Abd and Mohammad and Mohammad? -They are not in the group. They're too young! Obaida and who? -Obaida and Hisham and Omar. -Hisham is outside. What about Houseen?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GL Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera/Ron Carr
Views: 119
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 26, 2009

Jamila at dance class.

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