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Belgo Brazilian Entrepreneur in Campus Party

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Brazilian Entrepreneurs I develop a platform for collaboration on Internet which allows people to work together with a commercial purpose to earn money The project’s name is 4teamus the idea is that people around the world work together, develop a new software, and if, for instance there is: a Brazilian, a Belgian a Spanish and an Indian They post the software on the web-site, we sell the software, receive money and we redistribute fourth - or what they previously agreed- to the collaborators of this project Project idea in fact I was encouraging some people to create an open source project a facial recognition system for Facebook and in one of the first meeting we had on-line there were people from all around the world there was me in Brazil, a person in the U.S. someone in England, another in Australia whatever: there were people around the world including an Italian Whereupon, there are many open source licenses There is MIT, very open GLP, LGPL, ..AGPL there is a series of licenses, so .. The first discussion was to know which we would use at that time someone suggested that we create a commercial software what would be feasible, we could put advertising but, of course, we reject this idea precisely because there wasn’t someone neutral able to.. sell software or advertising, collect money and redistribute this money to .. these 8 or 9 people all over the world and, of course, we wouldn’t do an international contract for this Then I look at the subject After the meeting, I search on the net and I have found no company specialized in this area Then came the idea of 4teamus this is one of the reason I came here is because it is a company that deals with a lot of money is a company that collects money on behalf of others, ... the money is never its own and redistributes it as soon as possible So people must trust this company and Europe offers a good environment in this "trust" criteria towards business In addition, there are a lot of subsidies today for new companies, new businesses much for the internet industry, Telecom but also in other sectors for SMEs distribution, trading etc.. with a series of grants and that also attracted me Brazilians in Campus Party Madrid I was very surprised indeed to find so many Brazilians! .. I thought I was the only one here and suddenly I saw... 20, I think .. there is many Brazilians here So I was quite surprised and I think this shows how much Europe .. likes Brazil Brazil today is very welcome in Europe very well seen .. people are very active in Brazil very entrepreneurs .. so is completely natural that they have been chosen.. to come here at Campus Party <in Off> .. and you think that there is still space for Brazilians developers to create new things, new platforms, and to one day come here? .. .. I wouldn’t say "come here one day" come or not is rather an attitude of the entrepreneur than a development of his activity .. many people think: "I'll open something in Brazil and I will extend it to the world" Personally, I do not think that this should be an objective in itself rather we should think, "either I'm doing something in Brazil .. either I'm doing something in Europe " Europe also has many challenges .. precisely because it offers many helps there are more competitors, more people who undertake .. offering new things as much as in Brazil thus it’s not "easier" in Europe the objective mustn’t be "go to Europe" rather, yes, business development and in this context, I think the best is .. to analyze your business what is the best environment Brazil is known for developing video games all that is related to creativity Brazil is very good .. There are pros and cons all over the world

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Posted by: marcnaweb on Apr 17, 2010

Marc Rosenfeld, the only Belgo-Brazilian entrepreneur in Campus Party Europe 2010, presents his project 4teamus in this short video.

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