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♪ music playing ♪ [7x7 Experience Conversation] >> If you argue with your rider and you tell them they're wrong, they'll leave the car feeling bad and give you a bad rating. Your rider will have different opinions than you do when it comes to politics, religion, maybe even sports. You don't have to agree with your rider, but you have to be diplomatic. Just say something like, "Oh, really?" "Is that so?" "Huh, interesting." Sometimes a rider might ask you, "How long have you been driving with Uber?" If you tell a rider it's your first day, the rider is going to think about all the mistakes you might make and it might freak them out just a little. Instead tell them, "I've been driving for a while." "How long have you been using Uber?" A while, it might be two days, two weeks, two years. So technically, you're not lying to the rider. And when you ask the rider a question like, "How long have you been using Uber?" now you can both talk about how great Uber is. Every single Uber partner gets asked, "Where are you from?" It doesn't matter what you look like or what you sound like. If you feel comfortable talking about where you're from, you can. But it's your personal business. You drive here, so now you're from here. You can say, "I'm from San Francisco," "how long have you been in the area?" That way, the rider will talk about him- or herself. Now if the rider is persistent, you still don't have to tell them. but you have to be polite. You can play it off like a joke and change the subject, "Oh, I got my accent from my mom." "How's that weather?" [Conversation Review] [Don't argue with the rider!] [Be diplomatic and polite] ♪ music playing ♪

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