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Rene Kirkegard - Edit 1

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- My name is Rene Kirkegard, I'm a professor in economics and finance at the University of Guelph, I work in microeconomics, in particular in the economics of information. My research focuses on the economics information. This involves also those relationships where different parties do not have fully complete information about the parties that they're interacting with. So for instance, if I participate in an auction, I don't know how much other people are willing to pay, if I'm hiring an employee, I don't know how able that person is or how hard that person is working. And all these are examples of asymmetric information. I got an interest in this work for a few reasons. First and foremost because it kind of resonates with me, I just feel like this is an accurate description of the world, that often we need the information that's important for us when we start planning our actions. Intellectually, it's also a lot of fun just because there's a lot of intricacies that comes with this. This research is important to Canadians because there's so many different areas of public policy that are influenced by asymmetric information. Recently, the Canadian government auctioned off () licenses. The reason that we do this its, allows the government to discover how much licenses are worth, it allows us also to spread the licenses across a wider set of firms so that we can ensure competition in the market after the auction. I appreciate winning this award as recognition of the hard work that I and my colleagues are doing here at the university, and unexpected bonus was to me all the other award recipients as well, because this entire reward it's giving to many different disciplines and colleges throughout the university and I had the chance to meet with a lot of interesting people through this reward. The primary input into research as the kind of research I'm doing is my time, and so just gonna give me a bit more time to fill this on my research.

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Rene Kirkegard - Edit 1

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