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Outstanding speech of Imam Mahdi Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi 7 of 9

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Many people say that name of Allah is Jalali (glorious). (When Asked) why don’t you chant? (They says) it's extremely glorious, It gives anger (jalal) and people become crazy. They give the reference of a bird called "Phoenix". Once a saint went into a jungle and there he kept on chanting “Allah Hu”, but by the time that saint left the jungle that "Phoenix" had learnt “Allah Hu” and this bird also stated chanting “Allah Hu”. That “Phoenix” is like a parrot. Now when it saw that the heat is being produced in my body by chanting Allah Hu. The degree of heat was such high that Phoenix thought it might be burnt away by that heat. So it collected few twigs, so that if it catches fire only the twigs will be burnt and I will be saved. But when the fire was lit the bird was also burnt and the twigs were also bunt. And then from the ash of that bird, an egg was formed and from that egg a baby bird was hatched and it also started chanting Allah Hu and it was also burnt away. Since centuries this cycle is being continued. People say that Phoenix gets burn by Allah Hu. Dear! It had heard Allah Hu only that is why it was burnt if it would have heard Muhammad Rasool Allah (PBUH) why would it have been burnt. If you feel the heat by doing zikr then start reciting Darood, it will cool the heat inside, don’t be afraid. The companions of the holy Prophet (PBUH) say that whenever the hard time comes upon them they used to recite Darood Sharif. What they (companions) use to do before this? 24 hours they used to chant the name of Allah, when they felt the heat or zikr slows down or when it seems to stop they used to recite Darood Sharif, which start the zikr up again, that is its method. Now for this (dhikr) permission is also required. What is the purpose of permission? You offer the Tahajjad (midnight prayer) here. Satan stands at the corner and laughs (and says) “o' keep on getting tired, your heart is actually in my hands whenever I wish I'll turn it” and one day you will complain that “I was very regular on offering Tahajjad (midnight) prayers, don't know what has happened to me, now I even couldn't offer the obligatory prayers (Farz)”. So, the Satan has turned the heart. When Bayazid Bastami was young, he went into the jungle, when he used to recite various Wirid and Wazaif, Satan used to watch at a distance but when he (Bayazid Bastami) used to chant Allah Hu with strokes Satan used to come near to tease him, so that this Allah Hu may not enter within him. One day he (Bayazid Bastami) became angry so he took a cane/stick and ran after him to hit him but he (Satan) was also very clever. Satan ran before him slowly but he (Bayazid Bastami) ran after Satan in quick pace he (Bayazid Bastami) was unable to hit him with a cane. He (Bayazid Bastami) had traveled a far distance, he was perspiring/sweating, then a voice came “O Ba-Yazid, he can't die with sticks, he burns with Allah’s Noor, you chant so much, you chant so much, so that you become Noor-ala-noor”. When (Bayazid Bastami) became Noor-ala-noor, all magicians left the city of Bistam saying that “now our magic no longer works here”. Satan knows, by chanting Allah-Allah maybe word 'Allah' gets embossed upon his heart. And about this Holy Quran says; “there are some people on whose hearts, Faith (Imaan) has been written”. Khawja Bahuldin Nakashbandi used to embossed (nakash) word 'Allah' upon people’s hearts. That is the reason why he is called Nakashbandi. There are some such people, upon their heart 'Holy shrine of Prophet Muhammad' comes, because He (PBUH) is neither Allah nor even separate from Allah. When Holy shrine comes, then no matter where he is, is actually in Madina. That which is said, prayer/salat which is offered in Khana Kabbah is equal to hundred thousand prayers and which is offered in holy city of Madina it is equal to fifty thousand, it is said, isn't it? The one, inside whom Khana Kabbah settles, he gets the reward of 100,000 prayers and the one, inside whom Madina Sharif appears he gets the rewards of 50,000 prayers. No matter wherever that person is, will be rewarded. There are some such people who always chant Allah-Allah; Khana Kaaba appears on their hearts. There is evidence that it (kabbah) appears. Once, Majjadad Alif Sani saw that hidden creatures, Genie (jins) and angels are bowing in adoration to him he became very much worried because this adoration is not allowed for human being, then why they are bowing in adoration to me? Has any satanic delusion happened? A voice came "don't be frightened, they are not bowing in adoration for you, they are bowing to Khana Kaaba which has been settled inside you”. When Khana kaaba appeared on the heart of Rabia Basri, that Kaaba (which is in Mecca) was ordered to “go and circumambulate (tawaf) to 'This' (Kaaba which was in the heart of Rabia Basri) you were made with mud & clay by Abraham (AS) and I (Allah) made it with my own Light (noor)”. Now at this stage some people say “that Kaaba was exemplary (misali), it can't be original it was exemplary”. Don’t they say so? If that Kaaba was exemplary, then Throne of Balqis would have been also exemplary. If the Throne of Balqis was real, then that Kaaba which came was also real. At midnight, Hazrat Ibrahim Bin Adham approached Kaaba, when they saw the Kaaba was not there, people were sleeping and the Kaaba was not there "Thought --- perhaps the Day of Judgment is about to come, Allah has lifted it up". A voice came; “Nay, it has gone to make the circumambulate (tawaf) of an old lady. Go towards the north” when he goes to the north, sees that Rabia Basri is sitting and the kaaba is making the circuit (tawaf) around her. For this very thing Shah Mansur (Mansur al-Hallaj) was crucified. He (Mansur al-Hallaj) used to say that “why do you go towards that Kaaba, only those goes towards The Kaaba, who are good for nothing” He used to say that “you settle Kaaba within yourself, so that, that Kaaba may come to you”. Molana Romi has then said regarding that Kaaba (The Kaaba in the heart), “if that Kaaba gets settled in anyone's heart, then that heart is better than thousands of Kaaba”. Every man considers (himself), “Habal-ul-Wareed (nearer to your jugular vein)” that God is near than my jugular vein. Everyone considers this, it's just silliness. Alama Iqbal had also said that “You (Allah) are also everywhere”. He used to say that if we drink alcohol or commit a sin, You are Habal-ul-Wareed (nearer to jugular vein). You are also along with us, so for what will you make us accountable? But when he (Iqbal) wrote Jawb-e-Shikwa (answer to complain is a poem written by Allama Iqbal) then it was told that, He is nearer to jugular vein of only those who have settled Him (Allah) within themselves. The one within whose heart, the image of Allah appears (that is a habalul-Wareed). After that Kaaba, then the image of Allah comes within that person. For that time Allah then says “I am indeed within him, I become his tongue with which he speaks. I become his hands with which he holds. The Satan knows that, this Man can reach at this stage. Satan has Hindu army, he orders (Hindu evil spirits) to “go and ruin him, make him crazy and do whatever you can, Allah should not enter within him, otherwise he will slip away from our hands for the whole life”. Now, you don't even have one Genie (Jin) to retaliate them. They will come; they will tease you and will attack on you. But from where one gets permission for this zikr; Allah gives them also a Compassionate Army. As soon as that Satan's army attacks you; this Compassionate Army attacks on them. That Compassionate Army will accompany you until 'Rehman - The Compassionate' does not wake up within you. Then, one doesn't remain only Man; becomes the Man giver (banda nawaz). Doesn’t remain poor, becomes the Poor giver (ghreeb nawaz). For this we neither ask you to bait (Oath of Allegiance) nor ask for any donation. It's a secret, which is a secret of an umti (follower). This can be only attained from Murshids (spiritual guides). But now all those sitting here must be having any Murshid (spiritual guide), everyone would have considered their guide a (Kamil Murshid) perfect guide that is why they take bait (Oath of Allegiance). Now the Murshid of everyone couldn't be kamil (perfect) as well, then who knows, whose Murshid is perfect. First of all one should have the touchstone (so that one can test)

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Posted by: theallfaith on Apr 25, 2010 His Holiness Sayyedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi delivering speech to public in Wah Cantt. Please listen to this speech carefully and repeatedly, it will open it's secrets upon you.

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