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No slaves baby

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Yo Union, let’s kick it! No slaves baby Alright stop. Emancipate and listen Union is back with a brand new condition Morals grab ahold of us tightly Fight the confederates daily and nightly Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know Free the slaves and we’ll know To the extreme, I pull out my bazooka Light up the sky and be glad we can’t nuc ya JOIN Help surround the south that ran We’re killin' their vibe with the Anaconda Plan Winning, when I shoot you at Fort Henry Anything less than the best is a felony Join us or beat us You better reform You better hit bull's eye The Union don't play If there is a problem Lincoln will solve it. Check out the hat while my pressy resolves it No Slaves baby, Lets free ‘em Now that the south succeeded Lincoln’s angry, feelin pretty cheated Quick to the fight, to the fight for freedom We have the upper hand so please don’t be dumb Beating them if they're not quick and nimble Solve this , or the US will dwindle Make us united, with a souped up tempo I'm on a roll and it's not time to go solo Reforming with my Gatling gun And my ironclad ship so my men can go Casualties from Gettysburg Waiting just to die Did we stop? No, we just fought high Kept on pursuing to Palmito Ranch busted our asses cuz no help from the Franch The south was dead Yo so I continued to reconstruct ALL THE avenues Heads were hot swearing more than sailors Confederate lovers and slave impalers Stubborn 'cause you won’t combine South with rage and North with rail lines Ready for the court to brawl The court is acting ill because they're full of protocol Gunshots rang out like a bell Booth grabbed his pistol All Lincoln heard were shells Fallin' on the balcony real fast Jumped off the balcony, got on his horse Tail to tail the avenue's packed He’s tryin' to get away before the union attack Union on the scene You know what I mean They passed him up, for 12 days

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Posted by: rkiser on Jun 10, 2019

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