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The story about Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura

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The Krishna consciousness... There is no loss, even if we do something imperfectly. We should understand it well. But on the other hand we should also properly understand another thing. We must understand that, especially for those people who are just starting their way in Krishna consciousness, we must protect their faith very carefully. There is a story about Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura. I don't know may be somebody has already told it to you. The story which illustrates this issue very well - when he sent few brahmacharis to open the temple and to preach. They started to preach, it was successful. He came there and was happy with their success. They were really excited. Everything worked well. They were telling people about Holy name. People were accepting the Holy name. Many people started to come, they sang kirtans together. He said them: "Ok, you have some success. Now open the temple!" They became even more encouraged by this mission. They began to work hard. Many people were attracted. Some rich people came who wanted to help them. He fixed the date. He said that they should build a very beautiful temple there by this date, at any price! And following the desire to fulfill somehow the will of their spiritual master they made a small mistake, not even a mistake, you can't call it a mistake. One of the brahmacharis, their God brother, who was in the temple, behaved improperly with some woman, a neighbor. He was severely blamed. Fairly and deservedly. But the next morning he was gone together with all his belongings and didn't appear. People tried to find him but unsuccessfully. And they said: "But what can we do finally?" I don't think they said: "You have to break the eggs to have an omelette". But sometimes the philosophy is like that - you can't avoid the losses. They continued their business. They were preparing for Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati's arrival. The temple was ready, the deities were there, all the rest. He came, he was very pleased. A huge feast was prepared. He walked around, looked everything. It was scheduled the next day. He asked about this brahmachari, the only one who disappeared. They explained him the whole story. He said: "All that you have done doesn't mean for me that much as the destiny of this person." Everybody was shocked. They worked hard for a whole year or even more to do all these things. And they were faced such a reaction. He said: "Find him by all means!" They said: "Guru Maharaj we've tried to find him." "There is no chance to find him, we've tried." He said: "Find him by all means!" They said: "It is a big city, very big city! How can we find him? It is like looking for a needle in a haystack..." "How? Ok, then we will not open this temple." The feast which has been prepared, everything else - all this was put under the threat because of this man. And then one brahmachari remembered that this devotee... Once he saw him repairing the watch. He disassembled the watch and then repaired them. He had this talent. He thought: "We should look in watchmakers." And they sent a big expedition of brahmacharis to the market to check all watchmakers. And finally in one of these watchmakers they found... They questioned the owner and the owner said: "Yes, there is someone here. He is similar to one you're looking for." They found him. And when they came he started to cry. He said: "Krishna answered my prayers!" "All this time while I was out of the temple I prayed. I was ashamed to come back." "I prayed Krishna to send somebody to take me back." "I could not come because I was ashamed but I was waiting for somebody to come, I was waiting for Krishna's care." When they brought him, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati embraced him. Later this brahmachari became a sannyasi and did a lot for him. But this is one of many examples of how we should understand that it is not something that we want or we do not want, that you can do or you can not do. This is something that certainly must be in our society, it is a necessary element. Moreover it is not just some element of our society, it is a kind of axis, foundation. If there is this foundation, the rest exists, if there is no this foundation the rest will be also destroyed.

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The story about Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura

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