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Why Are Gas Prices Going Up? Obama Vs GOP

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American looking at the price of gas at the pump these days are justifiable upset But they may not realize is that so many administration are actively working to prevent us from increasing our own oil production here at home The GOP's slamming present all bombings you just saw all rising oil prices and in my opinion and in according to the facts were about to show you that is absolutely ridiculous it was a decision Tom John Deere also pile of this week saying Obama has consistently blocks efforts to increase domestic oil production this is all bombers' fault the gas prices are high now is true the gas prices are up, the average cost per gallon is now three dollar and fifty four cents up seven cents from a week ago as seventy six cents from a year ago president Obama argues this is because of what's happening in Libya and the rest of the Middle East also uncertainty in term of what's happening in the Middle East a lot of this has to do with uncertainty in the market so who's right, republican or president Obama now if you watch the show on a regular basis you know that I often disagree with the president this is not one of those time in this case he's only one hundred percent correct look at this chart the day before the uprising in Libya February fourteen all prices were hovering just around the ninety dollar mark the first protest in Libya happened the next day, and the prices soon started to hitting in a new levels being just under one hundred and seven dollar a few days ago now they are on a one hundred dollar ball-park Libya is now producing less than a million barrel of oil per day and happened as you saw on that chart it is open and shut gate, Libya happens prices go up you have be crazy or republican to disagree and as always this from the republican leadership besides blames obama, it is more drawing at home

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Posted by: garywang on Apr 20, 2012

Republicans trying to blame President Obama for rising gas prices.

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