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the history of halloween

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well it's halloween again and tonight our neighbourhoods will be full of all kinds of little ghosts and goblins and creatures of the night but have you ever wondered where those ideas came from ? Like so many of our celebrations the traditions of halloween are deeply rooted in our past this all got started with the Ancient Irish. They celebrated the end of their pastoral year on October the 31st. They called this festival Samhain,and they believed that on this night

spirits came from the underworld and roamed the Earth. When Christianity began to influence the Irish tradition around the VI century, October 31st was made into a harvest festival to celebrate St. Mark. And the day after this was called All Saints Day Or All Hallows Day. So the night before was Hallows Eve or Halloween. A combination of Ancient Celtic or Irish lore in a harvest festival. I suppose the real symbol of halloween these days is the Jack-O-Lantern. Its history is also Irish. You see, there was this guy named Jack, he had this terrible reputation for playing practical jokes on people when he died he went to the underworld and he dared to play a trick on the devil, the devil got so mad he kicked him out and made him wander over the Earth at night with only the light of a lantern to search for his lost soul. Some say old Jack only had a pumkin to carry his light in here is the name jack-o-lantern Now, we also have Jack to thank for the tradition of Trick or Treat, cause he was such a trickster Have a safe and happy halloween. I'm Allen Smith

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history of halloween

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