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Zeus video blog 18.05.2016 (ENG SOON)

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Danya Zeus here Hello guys So, let's talk before StarLadder like I promised Video blog To summarize Interesting events that I'd want to talk about that happened in the past month Let's start from GuardiaN ! His inventory is worth $200k+ I'm not advertising roulettes, but he won all of this in 2-3 weeks On these roulette sites When he was healing his wrist, he felt the taste of the game, understood what it is And he just went nuts after that This inventory is out of this world as you can see He has shitloads of everything He's now a fine fella AFAIK he might've cashed out some of it already I think he made some big purchases as well, but we'll talk about it later I'll also talk about his individual form later in this video Flamie bought himself a BMW 3-series 2016 model with the M-Package Awesome car, On 5th of June we will have a showmatch vs VP in Moscow And hopefully he'll take me for a ride and then I can tell you all about it In any case I know that this is a cool car Egor, you know it, work hard and you'll get even cooler things Next thing is Luminosity is now #1 in HLTV world ranking Great job by LG, first they won DH Austin, where they pushed us down to the #2 spot And then won ESL Pro League vs G2 And further solidified their #1 position Good job you little bitches Since you moved to #2nd plac But anyway, LG are nuts right now, they achieved a lot But these guys, a bit harder for them No olof He is recovering his wrist And what I've heard is that it may take from 2 more weeks to more than a month Obviously, coming back to form won't be easy He'll have to practice really hard But the guys are trying, picked up Wenton But it's still hard, Flusha is now AWPing We'll see what happens next I also want to highlight G2, great job Especially shoxie and ScreaM They are showing really good skill right now And all of the team, they had good chances to win EPL They are working hard, practicing, respect Now, talking about the team form Our practice before the tournament We lost in the EPL qualifiers Didn't make it to LAN We were a bit sad, but As you could see it was super close And that dumb game where Astralis were winning 14-3 vs Fnatic They had to take 2 rounds and boom we qualify But then it got to OT, they win first OT 3-0, and then lose 3 match points and the whole game Stressful match First of all it was our fault that we didn't qualify But still We were pretty sad, decided to rest for a week And then we practiced for about 2 weeks before StarLadder I can say that I liked the overall process, it was fresh Very calm with good motivation All of those things It really felt nice to practice Yes, we prepared some new tactics, new tricks We'll see When you don't play on LAN for that long When you come back, not always can you show your full form I hope that we will have enough skill and motivation to turn up Our first game is a best of 3 versus CSGO Lounge All in all, judging from online games, everyone is in good form GuardiaN is hitting some insane shit It's probably his new inventory, and also that his hand healed He is working hard and hitting crazy shots We'll see how he will show himself at the tournament But in general I liked everything about the practicing process What else can I say? There were a couple of bad comments, not a couple actually Below that video of a person getting shot Where that thing happened I read all this crap that "We're scared to go to Ukraine" Guys, yes, idiots live everywhere, you should understand that In our country, there is lots of police and control everywhere That I can assure you And once every year for the last 18 months There was this change Sometimes it happens, idiots do that stuff In general, we have lots of control I don't feel any pressure, everything is fine Sun is shining people are smiling, we have great parks In Kiev, on NSK Olympiysky we'll have a huge tournament Everyone that visited SLTV in Minsk you will know how good it was And the guys from StarLadder are organizing some very dope tournaments lately So if you guys have doubts to go or not to go, absolutely go! The championship will be awesome, and I'm sure you'll get lots of positive emotions And those who are already going, I'll see you there! See you soon, we'll do our best We want to win in the first match But we'll play there any way The motivation is there, everything is good Positive thinking, we'll try to spank everyone With your support I'm sure we'll do it This was Danya Zeus, discussing some information about everything See you at the stadium, we'll be waiting for you! Hugs and kisses, bye bye

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Posted by: iamfish007 on May 18, 2016

Zeus video blog 18.05.2016 (ENG SOON)

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