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The high school teacher's blog in the prefecture is drawing attention. The title is "a pancreatic cancer teacher". The blog contains information on how to fight and how students feel. We interviewed a male teacher who was on the platform while facing illness. Pancreatic cancer was found in July 2018. I want to share my daily thoughts about cancer with my blog. I'm a teacher with pancreatic cancer HIroshi Ueno is writing this blog. I teach geography at the 60-year-old at Okinawa Shogaku High School. Do you have something changed your summer vacation? Ueno took an ambulance in Hong Kong during the summer vacation. It ’s a great Hong Konger who ’s helped by about 5 Hong Kong people. Mr. Ueno, who speaks brightly about his physical condition, was actually diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer last July. Pancreatic cancer progresses faster and metastasizes than other cancers, and when subjective symptoms appear, it is often impossible to have surgery, and Ueno has also spread to the liver. Let's do anticancer drug for a while I did an anticancer drug. Then it was good for the teacher to say, it worked well. If the anticancer drugs didn't work, there was no way out. Mr. Ueno was able to remove the affected area with an anticancer drug and surgery for more than 14 hours. I wrote my blog about my feelings at that time. The doctor said that the survival rate after a successful operation was 30-40%. I am trying to get over that situation. I don't think I will die until I do what I want to do. Stand again. Mr. Ueno who has endured painful anticancer treatment with his strong feelings. I returned to work in May this year. What kind of motivation did you fight during your illness? I want to go to school soon! I want to go to school early! That was it. Because you are teaching with a strong belief, I wish I could become such an adult. I had lunch. There are many things you can't eat because of taste disorders. That's why I get lunch by eating little nutritious food. When I ’m sick, I do n’t have to look at my face or go to class, Someone will tell me that I'm going instead Maybe the person who is doing is a little kindness, but something like that Oh, I feel like I'm alive. It was delicious. It ’s a great meal. Did you understand the sense of taste? I understood! it was delicious. Happy, happy! The five-year survival barrier is absolutely broken. Because 5 years is not enough to meet everyone's kindness. While blogs are lined with positive words, Fear of recurrence was also spelled out. Sometimes attacked by anxiety that I do n’t understand There was a sudden tear. Was it depressed at the beginning? I don’t think I ’m going to die now. Don't let it recur! I have to do something before that, I try to live happily every day with that feeling. What is Mr. Ueno's goal? I will be held iEARN World Conference in 2021. iEARN is an international education network where teachers and students from all over the world interact. Ueno is an advisor to the International Affairs Department. Energeticly holding a workshop for the world competition to be held in Okinawa two years later, iEARN is known. Friendship across the border between countries, I want to convey it to children. I think it's important for them to be useful for their lifetime. Make the world competition a success for students. With that strong feeling, Ueno will inspire herself. Saying you lose your illness I think the feelings are great. If you lose your illness with your feelings, I want to tell you. Prof. Ueno is still affected by drugs. I have waves in my physical condition, I was interviewed and I was impressed by the strong feelings for the students. It ’s a blog for people who suffer from the same disease, I hope many people will read it.

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