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EV Live X ELX112P Powered Loudspeaker - Review

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♪♫♪♫...................................[Music Playing] Hey, I just came from a demo of the ELX112P. That is an incredible sounding 12-inch 2-way loudspeaker. I'm telling you, it has a nice smooth mid-range. These guys spent a lot of time on the crossover. It is a powered speaker. So that means they've got digital signal processing inside. And it's 24 dB per octave filters. That means that the top end of the woofer rolls off fairly quickly and then the entryway into the high frequency driver rolls off. So you get a good clean transfer of sound between the low frequency and the high frequency. This thing is smooth, clear, transparent and the 12-inch woofer really goes pretty low. I think it goes down to about 60 or 70 Hz. ElectroVoice might tell you they go a little lower, but I'm telling you it's really honest right down into those low frequencies. The box is at an incredible price point. So it is not an expensive box at all. But it's got great components. It's built in Bosch's factory. They own the factory. They do all the tooling & everything. They have the quality control. So let's take a look at the box just a little bit. Again, 12-inch woofer. It's got an inch and a half titanium high-frequency driver. Now the interesting thing about the box, as I turn it here you'll see that it's got a slope on it. And that slope is for monitor use, so you can lay this sideways and use it as an on stage monitor. And it'll make a great on stage monitor, particularly at that price point. Okay. There you go with the panel it's pretty straightforward. You've got 2 inputs. You've got level controls for each of the inputs. You can use balanced XLR, or you can go ahead and use the phonos for your music player. You've got an over all level control. There is a little "bump" EQ if you want a little high and low bump on that. And if you use it with the 18-inch subwoofer then you go ahead and select the switch here with the sub. We're going to set it at full range. So again, two inputs, balanced XLR, or you can go ahead and put your music player in. If you want to you can link ot to another speaker by coming out here and going to the other speaker. So the ELX112P a great compact speaker, 12-inch 2-way incredible sound. Very, very smooth and can match up with the 18-inch subwoofer. It's got pole mounts here so it's easy to mount on on the 18-inch subwoofer...Good handles... Good balanced weight...Great sounding speaker for an incredible price. ♪♫♪♫............................[Music Playing]

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Producer: CCI Solutions
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Posted by: ccisolutions on Oct 18, 2012

Ron Simonson, chief engineer and CEO of CCI Solutions, shares his excitement after attending a live demo of the new EV ELX112P Loudspeakers. This is a powered speaker with digital signal processing inside. It features a super clean transfer between low frequency and high frequency. Manufactured in Bosch's factory, these speakers feature great tooling and high quality control.

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