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Carnage (2011)

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(woman) Following a verbal dispute in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Zachary Cowan, armed with a stick, struck our son Ethan Longstreet in the face. (Alan) Armed? (Penelope) You don't like armed? Um, Michael, what could we say? Carrying, uh, holding, - carrying a stick? (Alan) Carrying, yeah. (Michael) Carrying a stick. (Nancy) If Ethan had broken two of Zachary's teeth, I'm thinking Allen and I might have had more of an knee jerk reaction. I'm not sure we would see the big picture. (Michael) Sure you would. (Michael) She's not telling you the real secret. (Penelope) Let them taste it. This is very good. [cell phone ringing] (Alan) Excuse me. Yeah? Undesirable side effects? Basically you look like your drunk. [snorting] (Michael) Do you know what they were arguing about? (Nancy) Ethan wouldn't let Zachary be a part of his gang. (Penelope) Did you know that Ethan had a gang? No. But I'm thrilled to hear it. [cell phone] Yeah. (Penelope) Your son is a maniac. (Nancy) Zachary is not a maniac. (Alan) Yes he is. Alan. Why are you saying that? (Alan) He's a maniac. [cell phone] Hello - can you hear me now? (Michael) You better watch it. (Penelope) They're both horrible. (Nancy) What the hell are we doing here? (Alan) I hope you're kidding. (Nancy) You think my son is a snitch? (Michael) I don't think anything. Well, if you don't think anything, don't say anything. [cell phone] (Michael) I'm sick to death of it. We were nice to you. We bought tulips. You know my wife dressed me up as a liberal? [cell phone] Yeah. I can't imagine ... what are you...? (Nancy) There. (Michael) Oh my god. (Penelope) Way to go! (Nancy) You killed that hamster. What you did to that hamster was wrong. You can't deny. (Michael) You're blowing this all out of proportion! I don't get drunk. I feel like I'm going to vomit again. Huge turnoff. You got a couple drinks in her and Bam!. (Nancy) Why are we still in this house? [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Dec 3, 2011


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