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robert pattinson interviw for new moon twilight saga

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you know the last time i talked to you for twilight it really wasn't that good of an interview but i did 4 milion hits on line on my website. and the whole thing just freaks me out it's amazing i'm tryng to think how can i get more hits can i have rob look at the camera and say you're my favorite fan? i'm trying to think something really crazy but the whole thing just blows my mind. it's crazy there's things about people are saying it's testing really well the movie. and i just think after seeing comic con where they literally just put on the word twilight on the screen and people start could just do that a good enough test -.speaking of screaming edward first big scene in the movie is not really the first time we see him on screen it's the standard slow mo walk. edward walking slow motion the wind blowing and the screams comes up from the crowd. and i'm looking at that and thinking this is so bizarre .how much work goes into a slow mo walk? that's the most hardest and most humiliating experience.are they going more sexy more sexy rob.that was a long walk it was like 40,50 feet there's nothing else to it . trying to look sultry or many times did you have to do that slow mo walk? i think i can only do it two times. i think kristen was in my eye line as well and she couldn't stop laughing every single time i was coming across the set. i think they managed to get one where i didn't look like i had limp.and that was good enough.and another screaming episode in the movie of course is when we see robert bare chest and of course its like looking into a mirror for know,(laughs) is it just had to feel silly just sitting there with the wind blowing in your shirt open and white makeup skin. that was the only reason that moment that i went to the gym in the first place because i was so terrified about that and luckily was right at the end of the shoot as well. and especially seeing taylor and hes' got his shirt off that whole time.but i was more nervous than i've ever been and there is also two and a half thousand fans right in front of you all looking around.and you're literally doing a striptease i was just thinking you guys are all going to think i'm just doing it for you and it's really embarrassing.he actually was just doing it for you just so you know.(laughs) being so still was it naturally coming back to it as edward is still all the time. more so in this one i's weird i think he's more still. i like the still parts of twilight. so i sort of did that and then in the third one i tried to loosen up a bit. again. now the, chuck your done. no, sorry, thanks so much. good to see you.

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Posted by: 2009principessa on Feb 17, 2010

robert pattinson interviw for new moon twilight saga

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