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The New Media Literacies in school

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NEW MEDIA LITERACIES The new media literacies is our savvy skills that everybody use to deal with our culture today. To function in the current media environment. With the Internet, with cell phones. How to interact with information, with culture. With just the pace of life which is very different now that it was twenty years ago. They are things they need to know to become creative artists, to become citizens, to become workers in the future. In the past, media literacy was all about trying to get consumers of media to think critically about what they’re watching. Large numbers of people were receiving media messages that were created by a small number of producers. Now, we start to look at the child as both the consumer and the producer media and we look at the ramification that they have in their lives. We’re not just only just consumers anymore, we’re also making things, we’re putting stuff out there whether it’s just Facebook profile or something more complex. Narratives where the reader plays the role, shaping the story. A video or an artist. Interactive, online spaces. Anything that I might put on the Internet. So, rather then just asking question of creators , we're now also having ask questions about ourselves. What do we need to participate? What skills do we need now? One example of skills might be «judgment», where you find some information online and you need to be able to decide whether that information is reliable or not. «Negotiation» means knowing how to interact different groups and different spaces and how to understand what the different norms are. Appropriation. How do I really make sense? Simple content in a meaningful way. One of my favourite skills is «play», which we define as the capacity to experiment with your surrounding as a form of problem solving. «Transmedia navigation». «Simulation». «Collective intelligence». «Performance». «Distributed cognition». «Visualisation». «Multitasking». They’re not just skills for the classroom and they’re not just skills for the work place. They’re skills that involve creative expression, they’re skills that involve citizenship, they’re skills that connect people together in something larger than the individual levels. Learning new skills, new competencies, to make really great things and be full participant. The New Media Literacies

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Posted by: catefcrew on Apr 5, 2011

Members of the research team at Project New Media Literacies discuss the social skills and cultural competencies needed to fully engage with today's participatory culture. Les membres de l'équipe de recherche à Project New Media Literacies discutent des besoins des aptitude sociales et des compérentes culturels pour s'engagner totalement dans la participation actuelle de la culture.

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