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MVI 0131

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If we are successful… Inshallah. Then the next candidate, you know the, councilman candidate, we will choose. And we will choose from our young generation. Right. Young, education, educated, at least bachelor degree, and leadership training will be there. Yeah, this is good. I told my son, I told my daughter. That why not, I educated you, made you do masters, sociology and political science, you are teaching, why don’t you come with all your education, she feels shy, get it? But I want that, someone or other has to take the rein, this can’t remain vacant, can’t be vacuum. Yeah. If no one takes it, who will... Somebody will take it. Who will, tell me who will run this city? Yeah. Who will run the community? Anybody will take the responsibility. And must have good leadership, in right direction. But there is no good leadership. Show us, can you find any single good people in who can take the leader. Some people want to [inaudible] they don’t Kamal Brother, I’ve seen one thing. I’ve a quality… A very beautiful We’d have made them that way… [incomprehensible] A honest person. Kamal brother, we’d have made them that way. We have to support him. No choice. Did you see? Yes. [incomprehensible] Had to be a person like him. Nothing is extreme. At one point, Kamal Brother will reach even better heights. That’s why, that’s why I’m telling you, that the relationship that we have built, we’ll keep it going, it doesn’t matter whether it passes or fails, we don’t care about [incomprehensible]. But we’ll keep working on the team and make it stronger. Right. So that we can make the city into a model city. Inshallah We’ll work, we’ll fix roads, the work of simple contracts. We’ll bring cement, sand, we’ll fix it, we’ll fix it all. When the 10/15/20 of us will [incomprehensible], every week, every saturday, sunday we’ll work on roads, we’ll… Our city, we will [incomprehensible], big city, nothing like big city [incomprehensible], we can do that. But this is, this is a two [incomprehensible]... In weekends, just us, then we can... And also the police department, you have to, you know, build a good relation with the police department. The thing that I said, that after mayor, next after that we go for the street division. Just move forward, no, no one [inaudible] Main thing we have to [inaudible], we have to support him. He cannot do it by himself. We have to behind him, have to push him… And all the time positive thinking, not negative thinking… No, no negative thinking. No [inaudible], no behind talking, no, nothing, just positive. I’m talking about the, about the… We are not actually, we can root for someone but we cannot [inaudible], only three councilmen, right? If we declare then the other two will get mad, right? So we have [inaudible]. You can't, exactly. So now our focus is mayor, we are mayor, so we tell them we are not competing with you, right? So you do your work, we do our work. My name? [inaudible] Kamal, is the man, I know him last, I moved out here from New York, 1999. Since then I'm attached with their family. Everybody, his older brother also. And he is very polite man and in Bangali community, he's the man that has the capability to lead the, our community. Not only lead the community but also lead the city. [incomprehensible] But by the wish of the almighty Allah, [inaudible]. From Sylhet, after intermediate, migrated to Dhaka. Same thing in Dhaka. After finishing studying entered job, same thing in job sector also. From there came to America, same thing in America too. [inaudible] From where is your Sofa, it is a very beautiful sofa. Very comfortable sofa. From where did you take the [incomprehensible]? Idea from [inaudible]. So beautiful seems like it's brought from foreign. They do bring stuff. [inaudible] We did [inaudible]. Comfortable. Just trying to [incomprehensible]. The sofa is so beautiful. You can sleep on the, if you...[incomprehensible] So the debate's coming up, the format would be what? I think he'll be there. I didn't hear anything otherwise but he should be there. He'll show up I'm sure. If you order with them, they do it. [inaudible] Where are your in-laws from? [inaudible] [incomprehensible] [inaudible] [incomprehensible] [incomprehensible] Uncle! [incomprehensible] Same to same for me. [inaudible] [inaudible] [incomprehensible] [incomprehensible] Now he's here and staying. Is sister-in-law [inaudible]? I think went to Jahir Brother's house. So will ask three questions to three candidates? And then Hasan comes, three questions... Very big house it was...[inaudible] Specially Jahir brother's...[inaudible] How much time you can have to answer this? Three minutes? How are you going to handle the audience gets a little outstyle or something? Kamal Brother? So the audience will be putting those questions in the basket, right? Okay. So no one is asking direct question...okay. Okay, from the audience? Yeah. Okay. There's a second half, second half of the debate. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So if I'm getting a lot of personal attacks on Facebook, how would you suggest that we, I mean I know you are gonna moderate it and all that, so are you going to screen the questions? Or it comes straight to me? Okay. No from the audience, I [incomprehensible] from the audience. So basically I have two questions ready for the person just in case this is a duplicate. Yeah. Right. Not direct interaction? Yeah, yeah. That's what I'm thinking that they might try to divert the purpose of the whole debate, you know, with questions that are direct, confusing, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Would Michelle would be on there too or... Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Sure. In what order? Okay. Sounds good, I just wanted to get an understanding of how this going to go and... Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, we had forums before but not a debate debate. So I think that's what people are looking forward to it. And it will be new for all four of us, so... Which is exciting. Yeah. Yeah. No rebuttal or something, we just answer, I think we probably should have rebuttal. Thirty seconds. Okay. Well I'm not trying to influence this but... Yeah. Yeah. Okay, sounds good, so it starts at 5. It's about the issue that I was talking about or... Oh yeah, yup, yup. I gotta sit down with you, I don't know, probably I should stop by today sometime, I gotta talk to you face to face. I'll see if I can make some time, it's a very busy day and busy night too, I need to attend another program. I just don't know, there was, I don't know if it's still taking place, it was taking place, I didn't know the time. It was sometime in the evening and I'm trying to get hold of [incomprehensible], it's taking place. This Friday? This Friday, I've been telling everybody about the debate. Yeah I've been, yeah, yeah, the program that I was just in, I didn't tell them but the other programs I've been remiding people of the debate. Five o' clock, yeah, yeah, and I'm also telling people in person, and I put it on Facebook too. It got shared a lot. It's kinda late for review to publish that info but I think it is nice. I think, I think it will be a good audience, it will, it will be really good. Correct. Sure. Okay, will look forward to it, I'll see if I can drop by. Thank you. This is about the debate, I was trying to find the, you know, what was the format and what not. Yeah, because, yeah, I called [incomprehensible] to see if there was any update because out of town. Just wanted to see if we can prepare better. If we know the format, and you know, because I think, I don't know what, care on, but I think it's the first time debate for everyone. We had had forums before like people talk, they get two minutes or something to talk about themselves and answer questions. Sounds like it will be similar format but it will be more direct interaction between the candidates. So I can say [inaudible]? About the [inaudible]? Yes similar to forums but this time the candidates will ask questions to the other candidates. [Incomprehensible] Well they are having a meeting tomorrow to finalize so this is just a draft. But anyways helps us prepare better. We, you know, what we are getting into. So it will be better if everybody knows about it and had time. I think it's kinda late I think we should get going. Kamal Brother? Shouldn't we go? I think we should get going. Looking forward to doing that? I am... I don't think it's taking place. I got an answer from my wife let me see. Oh the event was set tonight but the organizers said something came up and cancelled the event. Okay, so didn't take plac.e I didn't know the exact time. So it'll probably take place another time. Yeah, yeah we are calling it night. I get work tomorrow morning. And I get off, I took, have to have till the election day. So I'm trying to do some canvasing, end of the day, after work. And these gentlemans will be taking me to places. So look forward to another busy day and busy week, actually I've got to prep for the debate. Little bit you know, see my questions, the questions, so... Do you mind us following your prep? Yeah, yeah, I gotta find someone first. [incomprehensible] was going to do that but he's going out of town so I don't know I'm probably using mirror or something prepared. Will we get footage? I mean that's the classic way, right? Yeah, yeah, so mirror might be okay. I don't know it might look funny but... I may have my... Maybe my kids, so many questions, we'll see. That'd be great. That'd be amazing. Thank you. Sister-in-law, thank you. We gave you so much trouble by coming here. Salam. Salam. Thank you Sir very much, appreciate it. Yes, let me carry this for you. My car's there. So thank you. Thank you, take care. Just announce that you want that bag. Take it easy, I'll see you around. Thank you so much for your good honorable [inaudible.] Thanks for letting me tag along.

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