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There are new entrepreneurs in music, new people, younger people with a lot of creativity that they really focused in the... ...not only into the music but also into how they relate music and... ...videos and experiences. Avui en dia no, avui en dia un videoclip és molt més fàcil que tu el puguis difondre mitjançant una eina com YouTube per exemple i saps que pots arribar directament a tot el món, després llavonses l'acceptació que tengui o no ja depèn de si és bona o no és bona sa cançó i de si tens sort o no en tens. Antes por ejemplo los videos, no había videos era una foto y tu ponías la música. Pero claro ahora esto esta progresando, todo el mundo esta poniendo vídeos y ya es competencia. Tienes que hacer una buena canción y un buen video para atraer a la gente. y un buen video para atraer a la gente. Every single time that I produced a song or a sound with any other... ...I mean without an image the repercussion has been a way lower than any other time that I recorded a video and I putted together with... the song and the lyrics that I was trying to tell through the song you do both at the same time and I think you reach more people than when you just produce music and you just create a song. Creo que según el género tengamos, ayuda o no ayuda. Podemos tener ahora de ejemplo el “Trap” que se esta haciendo muy famoso. Y el “Trap" ahora mismo tiene unas producciones audiovisuales buenísimas. De gente que ha salido de la nada ha pillado su cámara ha ido aprendiendo y ha ido haciendo videos y están quedando de lujo. As you can't watch films that is like under...I mean you can't watch this film under eighteen years old, I truly believe that there is some music that you need to be a grown man ready to listen to the lyrics. Ya que los jóvenes a veces toman a alguien como ídolo o referencia. Y si ves a tu ídolo o referencia fumar o hacer cualquier cosa que no esté entre lo normal pues tienen tendencia a copiarlo. If we think about different styles of music like rap, like reggaeton or something, where lyrics explain ...horrible stories about, you know, about drugs, drug dealers, weapons. Pues és molt grossa i positiu o negatiu pues depèn de sa cançó. Si és una cançó guarra amb una lletra agressiva pues per molt bó que sigui sa cançó i sa melodia, i sa harmonia o lo que sigui pues aquella lletra dona un mal rollo. Per lo tant no és positiu en canvi si és una cançó guapa és una cançó que xerra de coses positives, de amor, de llum, de natura, de riure. Pues es una cosa positiva tot depèn de es videoclip que sigui. I mean I don't like kids listening to this kind of music, and you know at the end of the day they really influenced by this songs,... this lyrics and this music. I mean if you watch a video where your idol where your star is know. Is carrying up a weapon an AK-47, when he is with three, four girls, you know, doing drugs and all the things. I mean the young men probably see himself into that position. Also I believe that, you know, more and more Spanish people they learning English, they learning another languages and they exposed to different English lyrics that most of older people, they don't understand the lyrics but most of the kids already with the education they get in, they understand those lyrics and you and know see. At the end of the day, you know, they feel like...they understand, they feel and they become to what they're hearing. So it's really important to be careful in order to don't bad educate those kids. You know, through the music and don't influence them too much.

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Posted by: paupomar on Jan 5, 2017

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