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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~15:51:12 - 16:01:48

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That's hot, what they're playing outside. I don't know all the English, so I sang only the bits I thought were cool. You gotta learn English, eh, bro? Gonna talk to those gringos, bro. See if my english improves. That bro that translates, there... How we do, man, a nice low price? English influences in the ear, if you have a good ear you learn it quick. Some songs I sing on the heat, by ear I own no sound system now Back when this was a fever I could sing all the songs, just... This system is my brother's, my system now are my guitar and my cellphone I take my cell e add some stuff to it... Cool, doing what you like, eh? This gig even steals some time from your life, doesn't it? Steal from other gigs. Transfer, because you do this, but... put other things aside, don't you? Things you could be doing? It's dominant stuff. Then I realize that... — It's better here — Eh? — It's better here — Even... — You leave a lot aside... chick, even family, job... I've freaked the other day, at... Check this. I was with a chick... But we went to... Y'know? Then... They went, she and a friend of hers, and I at the bar. We went, me, her and her friend She was like "No, no way". Then you took the other chick's car Bro, remember what happened to you... — I'll put it there then you take it — Really? It's MP3 But I can change it to normal Remember what I told you at SESC That Adriana was there and whatever? You said "Bro, those chicks are joined against me". — Yeah. — eh, bro? That's when I wrote the song Then I thought: I've been told: "I'll care for myself", got it? Like, what I do Not to be a bore It's about time for a new load to arrive Fresh out? He went get some more. Darn it, he invited me and I forgot, bro Cellphone, the cellphone? Who has it, don't you have the cellphone? What? Thanks! I'll call him I forgot, bro Hey Wilson! You're the man, bro. — Where's Guira? — Don't know. — At Extra? Can you go there with him and get me a glove, a medium size glove? — A what? — Medium sized glove. Extra, bro. You not going there? He went to buy some stuff, eh? So! What? Humble, bro! Not doing it? Were you leaving now? Gotta go now. Quality? Quality, isn't? Gotta sing, right?

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Duration: 10 minutes and 28 seconds
Country: Brazil
Director: Helio Ishii
Views: 133
Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 14, 2008

Getting a tattoo.

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