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Sermon Text NIV: John 16:12-15 (Reading John) Chapter 16, beginning with verse 12: "I HAVE MUCH MORE TO SAY TO YOU, MORE THAN YOU CAN NOW BEAR. BUT WHEN HE, THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, COMES, HE WILL GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH. HE WILL NOT SPEAK ON HIS OWN; HE WILL SPEAK ONLY WHAT HE HEARS, AND HE WILL TELL YOU WHAT IS YET TO COME. HE WILL BRING GLORY TO ME BY TAKING FROM WHAT IS MINE AND MAKING IT KNOWN TO YOU. ALL THAT BELONGS TO THE FATHER IS MINE. THAT IS WHY I SAID THE SPIRIT WILL TAKE FROM WHAT IS MINE AND MAKE IT KNOWN TO YOU. This is the Word of our Lord. Let us pray: Glorious and gracious God, may the words of my mouth and the meditation of each of our hearts, be acceptable in Your sight, our only source of hope and comfort. Amen. Text taken from the HOLY BIBLE NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION, used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers. Dear Followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The love of God's Son, for humanity, is evident on all the pages of Scripture. And yet, in these words that we have from John's Gospel, we see how Jesus was so intimately connected with His disciples. His love and His care and His concern for them that in the midst of ALL that was going on He's concerned about them. And truly concerned about their faith. These words of our Savior fall between that Last Supper that He celebrated with His disciples where He instituted for us the Sacrament of the Altar. Where He shared with them that they were all going to betray Him. That very evening where Judas had left them to go and take care of what he had arranged to do. Jesus and His disciples on their way to the Garden of Gethsemane to spend some time with God ... alone ... and in prayer. And Jesus reminds His disciples of His care and His concern and His love for them. Because He says: I have SO MUCH I want to tell you! There are SO MANY THINGS that I want you to know! That I know that right now for you the truth is almost unbearable. There is SO MUCH happening. There are so many things that are GOING TO HAPPEN and the significance of those events are going to CHANGE the world. But He knew that His disciples were tired. That they were exhausted. That their human minds were not going to be capable of fully grasping just the events of the next three days. And as we hear what happened in those three days, we are AMAZED that the disciples even understood anything. That somehow they were still able to function as they stood in that Garden and watched their Savior be hauled away by a mob of angry men. People who whisked Him away in the middle of the night from trial to trial. Imagine what was going through the disciples' heads as they stood there and heard those crowds in Jerusalem screaming: CRUCIFY! CRUCIFY! That they saw their Teacher and Friend nailed to that cross. John, standing there with Mary, and Jesus saying to him: Take her ... as your mother. Take him ... as your son. The emotions ... The thoughts that must have raced through their minds. And yet, it wasn't over. It wasn't finished. It was NOT accomplished. And there was still work for them to do in their own fear and in their own terror. The women who still were going to carry out the preparations of the body for a burial because they had to whisk Him off the cross and place Him quickly into a grave. Because of the Sabbath, that was coming. And then to run to that tomb and find it empty with the angels of God saying: He is not here. He IS alive. That Jesus coming to them in that locked room; they were terrified! Then Jesus said to them: Do not be afraid. And He kept coming back to them and explaining to them that He was alive. Telling them all of this had to be accomplished as the Scriptures said. Continuing to speak with them and talk with them and teach them and even at that moment saying to them: I am going to send to you ... the Counselor; the Spirit, the One who is to come to open your minds to these things, so that you can truly believe and understand and proclaim what is your faith. Jesus wanted His disciples to KNOW God's Truth. But He realized that in that moment on Thursday evening or Friday morning, it was going to be a very difficult time for them to absorb everything that was going on. But He would send to them the Spirit. The Spirit who would convince them and teach them that everything Jesus did was according to Scripture. It was part of God's Plan. It was the fulfillment of all that the Father had done and how the Father had brought the world to that point at the right time God sent His Son, born of a woman, born under the Law, to redeem those under the Law. What joyous news that is! That is the truth of God and the truth of Jesus Christ! It is the basis of our faith. It is that simple kernel that saves us. That Jesus IS our Lord and Savior. And yet, recorded in the pages of Scripture, there's so much more of God's truth. How wonderful it is for us in the New Testament Church, to be able to pour over the Old Testament and see it fulfilled in the New Testament. To look at what God did and what He promised and how He continued to fulfill that promise in Jesus Christ. What a wonderful learning opportunity it is for us to go over those accounts and come away from them with fresh perspective. And continue in renewed respect for the love that God the Father has had for us. That He has given to us His truth. That He has told us who Jesus Christ is. And that truth is at our fingertips. It's in our homes. It's there for us to study and look at and share with our families. To support them with that Word. To encourage them in the daily strife and the difficulties that we all have. We ALL have days like the disciples had when Jesus came to them with these words. We all have days when our minds are filled with the things that are around us that are pressuring us, that we can barely comprehend. There are those days when we find out that we have cancer and we don't understand it. There are days when our friends die. And we stand by that. And we watch them suffer. And sometimes we don't fully grasp that truth. When we're in those positions, when we're in those difficulties of life, is the time that all of our training of Scripture and our knowledge just flood over us ... with the comfort of God, with His reassurance. With the love that He has given to us in Jesus Christ. That He reminds us of daily through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Who Jesus told to His disciples, didn't come with something new that He made up. But He took from the Father and He took from the Son what was theirs. Their ministry. Their work. The truth of God. And He has brought it to us. To hearts that believe because He created faith within us. To a faith that gets lived out each and every day because He is active in our lives. Bringing to us those reminders of God's love. Those reminders of what God has done so that we WILL conquer. So that we will persevere ... as Paul reminded the church in Rome. There ARE going to be struggles. There ARE going to be persecutions. There are going to be difficulties, but that's what develops our character. It is what CONTINUES to develop our hope. Understanding that God IS going to call us out of this life ... to be with Him in heaven for all eternity. To live in His grace; to have FULL knowledge as God has full knowledge. What wonder that is for us. And what joy that brings to our life. What comfort that we have in knowing that truth of God because that Holy Spirit keeps us alive in that faith each and every day. And that we work with Him in that faith. That's our holy living. That's our sanctified life. Not that we do that to gain God's attention. Not that we do it to save ourselves. But we realize what God has done for us and in thanks we live according to His Word from the knowledge that we have ... from the truth that God has shared with us in His Word. He tells us, what He wants from us. What He expects of us. And how we are to live in a manner that pleases Him. That is God's truth. The Holy Spirit opens our hearts to accept that and to believe that and to put that into practice in our lives. The knowledge of that truth that is so precious to us, that radiates the love of God, our Savior, Jesus Christ ... who has given us the Strength and the Power of His Holy Spirit. To live in that faith. To live in that truth that God the Father has revealed to us. How great is the love that the Father has lavished on us that we should be called the children of God. Jesus was always active in His disciples lives. Wanting them to GROW in their faith. Wanting them to GROW in their knowledge. Wanting them to KNOW and UNDERSTAND and BELIEVE God's truth. And the same thing is true for us. He wants us to GROW in our knowledge. He wants us to UNDERSTAND the truths of God. He wants us to live in the POWER of that Holy Spirit and CONFESS the Triune God of Scripture. He has such great and tremendous love for us. That for His disciples, we just respond, with the same love for Him. Amen. Let us rise. Now may the peace of God which goes beyond all of our understanding, keep your hearts and your minds and especially your lives in the one true faith unto life everlasting. Amen.

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