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Z tEW Interview DE Frankfurt Franky

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I am Franky. I am from the Chapter Frankfurt. I coordinate the German Chapters and I advocate The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM). I got to know The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) by watching the film 'Zeitgeist', following 'Zeitgeist: Addendum'. I answered a lot of questions myself, which were brought up by the films. Then I realised that something has to be done. We live on a planet with finite resources and are using an economic system which moves in a totally unsustainable direction. Hence I have to do something and The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) is oriented in the right direction and it offers the general framework to shape the world for the better. I am advocating a Resource Based Economy because in the capitalistic system we live under everything is assessed by money. It is totally unsustainable and even illogically within itself. As long as you assess everything by money, all things that are abundant, efficient, available on a large scale or sustainable do not create profit. Hence it is profitable to run things short, it is profitable to produce unsustainable goods only to perpetuate the system and to keep it going. The system which we support today - assessing everything by money - is not in accordance with nature, hence not in accordance with the planet and therefore not in accordance with us humans, living on this planet. The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) in Germany is challenged by the same difficulties as in every other country. [At the beginning] there were a lot of people which were enthusiastic because of the ideas [presented]. To create some structures for bringing these people together, to make them learn to communicate and to work with each other, was one of the biggest challenges until now. Now, we bring in some structures. Myself as well, together with a team, we coordinate the German speaking Chapters. Thus we organised several activities to move forward with TZM and to spread awareness for these problems. To name some activities: Among others there was the World Lecture Tour of The Venus Project in Munich in August 2010, the premiere of 'Zeitgeist: Moving Forward' in January 2011, the ZDAY which took place in Frankfurt in 2009, 2010 and 2011. These activities intent to create awareness for the people to connect each other more, to communicate more and to realise that they are all in the same team. You see a lot of flyers spread on the table, which are evidence, that we are already doing numerous things. The task is bringing the movement from the online-based to the offline-based [physical] world. Therefore, we use various flyers, reaching from money-bills dropped on the floor to get people aware of the monetary system, over DVDs, flyers which explain our economic system in a very simple way, over the introduction of The Venus Project, to the free distribution of the films ... All of these were created with huge efforts cooperating with many other freethinkers in Germany. Therefore much love to everyone listening out there. Something short about the events of TZM: First of all, the ZDAY which takes place in the mid of March every year - the Zeitgeist-Day; regarding organising the ZDAY, it's in the responsibility of every Chapter, meaning the proactive members, to create something together. For example we've organised a big jam-session in Frankfurt in 2010. A lot of musicians came together in the public to spread the name of TZM. The World Lecture Tour was one of the events organised in cooperation between the German and the Austrian TZM. Here as well it were just a few proactive people at the beginning who despite all barriers and despite the fact that they never met each other before to work together, they got something going and even were able to get Jacque Fresco to Munich/Germany to present his ideas to a larger audience. And last but not least to mention the premiere of 'Zeitgeist: Moving Forward' from January 15th to the 26th, the global Chapters had the opportunity to show the film as a preview before it was released for free via the Internet. Here as well it was possible to work in cooperation with many small cinemas and many proactive people in Germany to whom I have much love and gratitude for. So we had various public events within this period in Germany as well. Again, many thanks to everyone participating. Something about the future of TZM in Germany: It's important to know that we in Germany, as a so called country of the first world, seem to have the least demand for social change. But even we have to face the questions: Why are there increasing uprisings in the Middle East? Why is there a debt-crisis in Greece? Why is the same starting to happen in Spain? Why is this happening in Ireland? What about Iceland? All these questions have to get faced even by the well looked-after Germans. We need to face some world issues here. We need to face those legitimate fundamental questions which get brought up by the system we live in. Regarding The Zeitgeist Movement in Germany there are gathering people, who are working on their own initiative in a solution-oriented way and are self-motivated, independent from established governmental, financial, religious and military institutions. They simply just act, which means they come together starting projects towards social sustainability as well as projects which are directly helping other people which leads to the perspective to see the world with different eyes, changing our own values from self-interest towards an open-source-system, a holistic type of thinking far beyond the vested interest thinking which is necessary just for materialistic consumption. Meanwhile these projects are getting bigger and they are getting connected by TZM. No egos anymore, because we are all in this together. If we don't change, we will die. About the political situation in Germany ... It takes a while to really understand the current system by yourself - this system which is considered natural in Germany as well. I want to thank several people formerly working in the financial industry and experts like Dirk Mueller, professor Franz Hoermann, doctor Bernd Senf and many others warning against these logical symptoms of this system for years now forecasting what is happening out there right now. Therefore thanks to the many people who had the guts to raise their voice, instead of letting themselves get down by their environment, meaning nine out of ten people that say that it can't be done. So thanks to all freethinkers with courage. Currently the social situation even in Germany is getting worse. We are not in the land of Cockaigne anymore and now we feel the fact that we were not brought up to think solution-oriented. Just to put things into relation to other things like "Comparing us to another country, we are pretty well over here" is not really thinking in solutions. We must get away from this type of thinking and rather start asking relevant questions like "Why does this system work the way it does?" So we need to do a life value analysis. When it comes to the opponents of nuclear power which I support of course as well, you should start by asking "Why is nuclear power used at all?" So, of course the answer is that sustainability, efficiency and abundance are contrary to making profit, meaning renewable energy sources are not really profitable. Hence within the monetary system it is profitable to use old and ramshackle sources of energy instead of restoring or updating them, because that costs money. We keep using old methods to maintain profit. We will soon experience the consequences - hopefully not - out of reinforcing this type of thinking that instead of taking action by ourselves we still believe in existing established institutions that are only interested in keeping things as they are. To believe in those institutions just because they are established doesn't mean that they are on the right track. Hence nuclear power will come to an end as well. I hope it will be sooner than later. I think, whoever saw the technical possibilities existing out there, is laughing his head off about many issues. The transition from a monetary-based system to a resource-based economy could happen in two ways: By a breakdown of the system - that is happening right now - and we either did not learn to communicate and cooperate with each other before that, to start new projects to build up a better alternative; or by the system becoming what it is anyway, the so called "New World Order" - call it how you want to. We tend to a surveillance state and to follow the plans which were set anyway by our established institutions. It's important to realise that it's only on us to set the initiative. And just because there's about one 1% of the worlds population controlling everything that doesn't mean that 99% have no power to change this. Insofar we shall turn things around and realise our potential. We shall understand who and what we are, hence what power we have. Sooner or later in one way or another we will end up in a resource-based economy; we will get back to the basics on this planet and realise that only in symbiosis with this planet we can live (again). My message to the world out there is that we need to get off our asses. We need to understand the Earth as a whole self-contained system, and we must learn to live in accordance with the planet or we will die. It's simple as that! Cheers from Germany.

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