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Вождь краснокожих / The Ransom of Red Chief (1962, part 1).

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THE RANSOM OF RED CHIEF Ahem! It's you... How are you, Sam? You know, we have joint capital of about... - Five hundred dollars. - That's just the point. We cannot begin new business... with such money. To pull off a fraudulent town-lot scheme in Western Illinois, we need more... ...Two thousand dollars. But where will we get it? I know... I have one brilliant idea. Two thousand dollars we'll get with ease. Bank robbery? Express robbery? Oh Bill, I am tired of fussing like this. Listen to me carefully. The love of children... The love of children... It is strong in semi-rural communities. Got it? Kid... Kidnapping. Sam! The money is ours in fact. I've never been engaged in such business but I think we can risk. No risk. It is easy and simple. While you had idled away one's time I had paved the way. Listen to me attentively. I have selected for our victim the only child of a prominent citizen. His name is Ebenezer Dorset. The pop will take out nothing less than two thousand dollars for his kid. Don't brake! Tomorrow we'll rent a carrriage in the neighbouring village. The Dorset's home is uptown. In the afternoon we'll go to the country, ...take the precious kid... ...and hide him in a cave. Next we'll write a letter to pop about ransom... ...and get money. The snot-nosed kid will be back home... ...and we'll go to Western Illinois to pull off an our scheme. You're an expert in stratagem. I am ready! Meow! There are two-thousand dollars scattered all over the road. I'm sure we'll take it with ease. Hey, boy! - Easier! Hey, boy! Would you like to have a bag of candy and a nice ride? That will cost the old Dorset an extra five hundred dollars. Take the boy to the cave and I'll return the carriage. - You don't think he'll run away? - No fear of it. Boy! Boy! Bill! Do you live in the woods? Yes, in the woods, boy! Don't frighten a baby. More ease... In the woods, dear. - Are there any real Indians in these woods? - Who? Indians. No, there are no Indians here. Don't be afraid. Me? Afraid? I am a Red Chief indeed! Got it? Keep an eye on him! Quickly! Halt! Ha! Cursed paleface, do you dare to enter the camp of Red Chief? Hey you, Snake-eye! When my braves returned from the warpath you'll be broiled at the stake at the rising of the sun. Go! Be ready to be punished. Go! How are you? I'm all right now. We're playing Indian. I'm Old Hank, the Trapper, Red Chief's captive, and I'm to be scalped at daybreak. And I heard you'll be broiled at the stake. By Geronimo! That kid can kick hard! Red Chief! Welcome to wigwam. I like this fine. I never camped out before. We had five puppies. Why you have such a red nose, Hank? - Because... - Hist! Hist, buddy! I think there are spies there... Never mind! Let him play. He's just a kid. Good boy. We was lucky. - To be sure! What about spies? Everything is all right! Why are oranges round? Why nothing in holes? I don't like girls. My father has lots of money. Are the trees moving make the wind blow? Red Chief, would you like to go home? Aw, what for? I don't have any fun at home. I hate to go to school. I like to camp out. You won't take me back home again, Snake-eye, will you? Not right away. We'll stay here in the cave a while. All right! That'll be fine. - What happened? - Psst, buddy. - If you will not sleep now, tomorrow I... - What tomorrow? Sleep! Now! Why are you getting up so soon for, Sam? Me? Oh, I got a kind of a pain in my shoulder. I thought sitting up would rest it. You're a liar! You're afraid. You were to be burned at sunrise, and you were afraid he'd do it. - Ha! You are kidding... - And he would, too, if he could find a match. - Are you sure? Do you think anybody will pay out money to get a little imp like that back home? - Okay. - Are you sure? Adsolutely! A rowdy kid like that is just the kind that parents dote on. Now, you and the Chief get up and cook breakfast, relax... ...while I'll to scout out. Oh, time to go... - Sam, maybe I'll to scout out? - No, no, no... I'll go to reconnoitre. Don't worry! Okay. Relax. Well, I go away...

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Duration: 24 minutes and 49 seconds
Country: Russia
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Director: Леонид Гайдай (Leonid Gaidai)
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Posted by: birubir on Aug 14, 2011

'The Ransom of Red Chief is the third part from the film "Деловые люди" / 'Strictly Business' which was shooting in 1962 and based on the short stories by O.Henry - 'The Roads We Take', 'Makes the Whole World Kin' and 'The Ransom of Red Chief'. All 3 parts of film have an all-star cast. Though the film is black-and-white, it doesn't spoil the film any. Side-splitting and a real pleasure to watch the actors play. This is one of my favorite parts of the film... ;)

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