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Masters of KAB. Class #12 : Karen-Leadership

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I do not believe leaders are born leaders. I think that people can create for themselves their own reality. Meaning what? A lot of people I know, a lot of persons in business that I have met, that are today very successful and wealthy and manage many, many people, are people basically that, some of them didn't even finish high school. Some of them went directly into business and yet they were able to bring themselves up and be able to bring other people close to them, find ways of handling business and management. And in that sense they are leaders in their own particular work frame. And yet, I mean nobody's born and says, okay if you come from, if you are born from the King of England, chances are you might be a queen or a king. But other than that, and sometimes even those relationships which are, I think born, they are born into it, they are not necessarily leaders, they are created from the people around them to be leaders. So, I do not think that people are, maybe they are destined, maybe there is a part in here that is called destiny of leadership, but it depends on what one does in his lifetime, if he reaches that goal or not. You know, there is a very interesting concept in reincarnation. If we say a person was given an X amount of years of life, or we say a person is born to be a thief, right? That means that when they are born they have no choice, they have to be a thief. So, what we need to understand from that is that there are several different aspects. For instance, there is a child that is born, goes into the grocery store and steals a lollipop. He's a thief. But then he gets punished for it and he realizes that this is not something he wants to do, and he grows up to be a fine human being. And then there are people that grow up to be like, Bonny and Clyde, or people like them. This is a thief. This is a thief. What is the difference? The difference is what happens during the course of one's life to be able to alter the path. That yes it is true, King David had sixty years of life, but yet every year that went by he did a Melaveh Malkah, in thanks that was allowed to stay alive for one more week. Why? He knew how many years he had. Because in the process of life if they have made a mistake, or they did something that the other side was fighting against them. Like he says, he goes back to the Boreh and says look, "This guy every place I go he fails, take him away, he is not going to make it in this lifetime". So, what happens is even though yes, each one of us might be given a pathway, we might be leaders. But if we fail in the course, in the darkness, if we fall and we say, "I have had it, I don't want it anymore, it is not for me", then what happens is that responsibility, that piece can be taken from this person and given to somebody else. So no, I don't believe that leaders are born. I think leaders are made and I think true leadership is trial by fire. It must be trial by fire. So, I think that, like for me, I know that I am here today, but because me and Rav decided that this was a path we wanted and we really did not detour from that. We did not say, "Okay, people do not exactly want to learn Kabbalah now so, we will call it something else, we will go through another door". We never did that, and we were able to take the slings and arrows that people threw at us, to stay were we are. And, therefore, I think that is why I was allowed to be a messenger. But I never forget that I am only a messenger. Because once a message is to be given, somebody else is sent out with that message. If you do not pick up that place, that cause, and you do not take it. And the only way they know whether truly you are there to stir the ship or to be part of the team of stirring the ship, is how you respond in the times of negativity, in the times of difficulty. Simple to be great when things are good. Leadership is not for the times when everything is wonderful. Leadership is the time when you have to make decisions that are difficult. And when sometimes you have to do things that you do not enjoy to do. It means, maybe sometimes not getting something, because you know it is for the benefit of others.

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