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HOM 23 - Creation of the MIND and DNA by Aliens?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: HOM 23 - Anu Creates Dimensions (Jack) This is Jack again so I'm continuing with the mind placement the Annunaki the Serpents and the Sirians realize they are quite to all existence, it means 'all' beings in existence, no one excluded they were the only three standing and remaining in existence to remain in existence to 'rule' and of course their races and as they found that method to- basically, how they capture- all of existence firstly they placed the gravitation manifestation the Atlanteans used here on earth into 'all' of the planets so that all the races within why did they do that? because they 'knew' if they placed that in eventually the planet will manifest but not the beings themselves and then they have a problem, because then themselves and their city won't be manifest or exist there on the planet then they will be able to be 'captured easily' or be able to be 'lured' easily so that's what they did, secretly of course they placed in the gravitational 'core' into all the planets they're on which there are beings existing in it and on, upon their cities and- so first they also, they have that taken care of so that they can do that to capture the beings and lure the beings more easily so Anu said: Right, once we capture these beings we are going to place them all into this dimension because in this dimension they're first going to be have to be implanted with that mind placement so that they can connected to the crystals so that who they are suppressed and they don't remember a thing so that when they come into this- human physical form that point that center point within their interdimensional mind is placed into the interdimensioanl placement of the sys- the placement of the system in the human form and they can manifest simply and then when they die they don't remember a thing they don't remember who they are, they don't remember what they experienced and we can just recycle them 'all the time' so that's how everything started getting together once that interdimensional placement in placed which is called the dimensions or you know when you crossover or die or you go to etc. that's the place and first thing what they did after all these was now prepared after this dimension was prepared, with the crystals of course they've killed a few ape-man, to die, and have the being going to the dimension quickly placed in that system and then have them see what'd happen so basically they are just floating zombies just "floating" that's all they did they- they're "dead", to a certain extent and then Anu was satisfied, the Sirians was satisfied the 'Serpents' were not yet! satisfied of course because they did not yet know what was exactly going to be their 'role' in all of these and where? what happen next? so they still- oh! ok this is now where- Enki comes in Enki told them: Listen! personally, I don't like making these things for 'all of these beings' in existence do you "know" how long it's going to take us!? there has to be a way where they can, kind of develop on their own be both here on this world through two coming together or something and- just every time that happens, in someway they can just fit in, they, just the dimensional being can come in and go on and that's how everything will start 'expanding' here because I am not! going to sit here for eons of time to just develop forms, that's what going have to be doing we're going to have no time to enjoy the pleasure of power of control and now Marduk during this time was, becoming frustrated because he has started quite a liking- for these creations he has started respect for them because he told them, he told Anu Enki and Enlil: These are live beings they are alive and they are actual beings although they are in systems how would you feel if you are in them! of course they laugh at Marduk in his face saying to him: you're not going to get anywhere if you 'feel' anything for 'anyone' if you want to, you are more than welcome and Anu threatened Marduk he said to Marduk: Marduk if you haven't shut your mouth if you don't "stopped" I "will" manifest you into one of these forms and that's it so Marduk kept his mouth shut, Markduk was very much a a silent, more- more silent being than a aggressive one taking action he's very passive, kept much to himself and although he didn't agree on to what Anu Enki and Enlil was doing he continue programming the beings he showed them what he had learned so far he showed them what he had done so far showed them his plans, he said: Well you know what, if- if they're going to be here why don't we then, manifest them at least give them that these give these Atlanteans and the rest of existence that they they as the systems, will be respectable, in terms of becoming actual 'beings' systems becoming beings that would- make me satisfied so Anu said: Wow great! that's what we want to be eventually anyway so you continue with this now remember even during the ape-man period and the dinosaur period they were 'still' able to get gold out of this earth - interdimnesionally and that's what they were continue doing the point where the interdimension- interdimensionality stop was when the (laugh) where the adam and eve story comes in that is also a very very fascinating- fascinating story so Marduk continue his programming, he became very smart very clever insightful, he worked very closely with Enki and Enlil as well, Enki was more in term of development of the DNA Enlil was more the female male manifested expression how the organs will work until Enki became jealous because (sigh) Enlil was working with the expression of the male female 'form' and how that work together so he needed experiment the stuff he had quite a bit of and during that time interdimensionally, they were female expression and, Enki became frustrated because Enlil got all these 'woman' and, he is testing it from 'all' over existence because he needs to find the perfect match, of a female expression so that the two human forms that come together create another perfect human form and DNA has to be specific, the genes has to be specific so he went from race to race to race now what he did was he actually placed himself interdimensionally as one of those forms and then he went and actually had 'intercourse' with these female expressions, see if these DNA will match ok, this is- I'll continue in my next interview thanks Please join us for Discussion:' More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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