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The Future of Robocraft 2: State of the Game

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What is up you guys, this is SpaceKryptonite here to bring you more from the future The future of Robocraft’s ongoing saga of updates are prevailing as Freejam blueprints Phase 2 to the maximum Freejam has released tons of details with the State of the Game’s plans and the Reddit AMA with Mark Simmons, aka the CEO of Freejam So why is the Future of Robocraft bright and what can we expect to come to Robocraft? Keep in mind that all updates are not specific meaning that some may come out at a later date than what I am telling you All informational links used in this video can be found in the description down below Before we get too far ahead, let’s talk about the current state of Robocraft Which is confusing Why are new weapons and modules geared only towards high level players? Why are cubes condensed to 1 tier while there are a variety of the same weapons for different tiers? These are all questions that have been brought upon many times, but it is all part of one process This process is known as Tier Flattening A lot of these updates will be coming within the near future, but are very unclear to what will be coming first Therefore, I will be listing 8 major updates that you can expect to come to Robocraft Number 1. A new weapon will be added within the next 2-3 weeks from now You can expect a weapon to be primarily focused on close quarters combat, This will be a perfect counter for aeroflaks and lock on missile launchers Number 2. The reworks on all tier weapons also known as Tier Flattening If you watched the first Future of Robocraft video, you will have a better idea of what I am talking about All weapons that are part of a Tier system, such as Smg, plasma, rails, nanos, and teslas are all going to be reworked and condensed This will reduce the inventory space and will allow Freejam to add way more complex parts If you were here for the Full Spectrum Combat update imagine the cubes being weapons except these weapons will be introducing new features and surprises Lastly, all movement parts as well will be part of the Tier Flattening process since they are still part of the tier system This will allow Freejam to add more movement parts as well Electroplates are a whole different story It is possible to have a module for the electroplates, but it is very unclear. Very uncertain It's more of a blue sky project if you ask Mark. He knows what I am talking about Number 3. The removal of Robot Ranking This is a keystone to determining tiers, but without this how will Robocraft determine matchmaking? This will all be calculated by CPU. With this in hand, this will allow faster matchmaking, but there is more There will even be geolocations which means that you will be able to choose your locations that you desire An example would be like Rocket League where you can choose to play in the US, EU, and more It is uncertain that multiple locations can be selected, but there are possibilities Number 4. The Tech Tree will be removed and replaced with a new progression system This feature is still in the dark as to what is to come, but we can expect great things and new challenges with a new progression type You can now expect your first battle to include a variety of weapons. You are no longer restricted to just using plasmas or an smg when you start at level 1 Multiple weapons will be available for purchase and will allow you to play any style you want to play Number 5. Tutorials will be post Phase 2 meaning this will be added during the finalization of Phase 2 With all parts of the game being solid and steady, this will all Freejam to focus hard on introducing new players via tutorial Remember that this is an alpha game and you may think that 3 years and still no tutorial? There's a problem there right? To be honest, the game was restarted with the Full Spectrum Combat update The engineering of the game itself has been re-scripted so many of the features that were added are being removed and many old features are being reworked You want to learn a secret? What if I told you, you can expect the Beta of Robocraft to be coming upon completion of Phase 2 I won’t give you an answer to specific dates because remember I don’t work for Freejam and they would like try to prove me wrong by watching this video Anyways, Freejam is becoming a new Freejam with more employees and tricks underneath their sleeves Number 6. Racing mode There is a lot of hype behind racing thanks to one picture on Twitter This picture was posted by DIOtheCreative This image sparked the light for a lot of players in the community and probably has hyped Freejam even more It is possible for it to come out this year, but I won’t guarantee it I actually wanted to put in the list because I know that a lot of people are going to question whether or not Freejam is willing to do it Freejam is very determined into providing more game modes, but we will see how the process works out Number 7. Clans You will be able to create clans and join clans Creating clans are completely free. You will not have to pay a dime to create one or join one For a fact, you can expect features such as Clan Tags, Clan Chat, and even Clan Rankings where you can set members as officers or lieutenants or even to check if your Clan members are online This would also mean that the platoon system along with the social tab will need a big change to implement clans in the way that Freejam envisions it This feature will be spreaded throughout multiple updates since there are a lot of adjustments for this feature Clan matches are also another idea that are further down in the pipeline, but it will be there Number 8. A new map This map will be released sometime this year. No specific dates though It is uncertain to what type of map we are going to get. Will it be the lava map that has been held so long in Freejam's mind or will it be another snow map. Guess we will have to wait and find out Now that you have heard all 8 listings of major updates that will be coming to Robocraft Let's check out some minor updates that will make a big difference throughout the year Here are some minor updates coming to Robocraft Commas will be added. You can rest easy now. You will now be able to find out how many million RP you have or even GC. If you have a million GC, you can donate it. Right now Strafing to all movement types Update Wheel and Caterpillar Tracks with gripping the terrain along with some physics overhaul More stability added to wings New cubes will be added Reconnection feature. This feature will not be out anytime soon This feature will allow you to reconnect back into a game that you disconnected from 2 times daily bonus will be fixed. Rest easy now Party mode which will be far into the future I am guessing this is private matches that you can set up with a group of friends to battle each other Localization with different languages More support items Flares to deflect missiles More detailed stats on items in your inventory and in the shop HUB which has been pushed back a little further Now let's list some possibilities These are features that are mentioned by Freejam, but always has a chance of being changed into other ideas Meltdown game mode This is a game mode mentioned by Mark Simmons which is a match of Domination, but with a twist Dragon Wings as a movement item Gifting system which means you can give someone your bot as a gift Robot Loadout. This is a blue sky project as Freejam is uncertain if they want to implement this feature So you’re probably wondering, Space. Why didn’t you mention anything about the removal of Megabots Well, this video is already long and the removal of megabots is a big topic so I shall leave that in the CPU update video So, that pretty much wraps it up for this video Let me know in the comment section down below, what are you most hyped for? Lastly, be sure to follow me on Twitter @SpaceKryptonite to be part of some fancy polls that have added some fun features to some of the recent videos That's probably the reason why you see cookies throughout the video Anyways, I want to thank you guys for watching Don’t forget to like and subscribe for all your roboneeds and until next time This is spacekryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later

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Learn about Robocraft's future patches and what you can expect to come to Robocraft. Mark Simmons AMA and the companies State of the Game plans highlights tons of content and features you can expect. You will see new weapons, tier flattening, changes, removals, and a lot more in this video. The dates are not specific, but have a rough ETA on the release of some updates.

Grab a seat, eat a cookie, and enjoy!

Robocraft's State of the Game plan:

Mark Simmon's Reddit AMA:

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