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Benjamin Fulford: Správa pre Ľudstvo

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Hello. My name is Benjamin Fulford. I am a spokesperson for an organization known as the "White Dragon Society". We are an international group of financiers, military men, people in intelligence agencies and in secret organizations as well as journalists and regular citizens, who have been appalled and disgusted by the neverending wars caused by the military industrlal complex. They have been using over 90% of humanity savings in order to steal oil, pillage countries and just cause mayhem. We decide that we needed to stop these people. If we could release all the money that was been taken by the military industrial complex and use it for peaceful purposes, we could end poverty and stop environmental destruction within months. We could also then create an era of progress such as never been seen before by releasing all the technology that they have hoarded for themselves and for their secret groups. This would include above everything something known as free energy. It is the ability to create energy at almost zero cost. It would allow everyone of us to live a life of millionaire. What's been going on now is that we have been slowly cutting off money to the military part of the united states government. We've been telling them "You can not borrow any more for your killing purposes". "You need to the military industrial complex from a sword to plowshares thing." And we we'll give them money to make sure nobody is unemployed. The same with the oil industry. We'll let them phase out oil in a way that nobody looses money. If we release the free energy technology we can turn Canada into a tropical paradise. We can increase the amount of fish in the ocean by 10 times. We can make other planets inhabitable. We are just trying to free ourselves as a species from the control of this ancient cabal. They are a group of people, who have been using assassination, bribery, war and ridicule as a way of controlling society. And because they have been running out of money, they have become incredibly dangerous. They threatened to attack Japan with an earthquake weapon. As a result of their impending bankruptcy. They said:" If you do not give us money we will sink Japan into the ocean. And a fleet of american ships and submarines was sent off the coast of northeast Japan where they planted nuclear bombs in the bottom of the ocean and set them off in order to create a tsunami, a tidal wave and cause destruction Not only that. They also deliberately engineered accidents at various japanese nuclear powerplants in order to cover up the radiation coming from these bombs. This was no a natural tsunami. If it was would have reached Hawaii, they would've reached other islands. But no, it was targeted in a single direction. That cannot happen in nature. The leaders of these group are members various organization that you know of as The Bildeberg Group, The Council of foreign Relations and various groups of knights. The top leaders of this warmongering group are: George W. Bush Senior, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, J Rockefeller, the Pope and Prince Charles. There are many other members of this group but we know where they are we know who they are. We now have the backing of a large group of intelligence organizations. This includes asian secret societies including the Triad, and the Yakuza. It means members of the CIA, the NSA, the Pentagon. We have people form MI6 and british security. We have cooperation from people within the KGB and FSB. We have cooperation from within the Japanese military establishment. We are growing in power worldwide and we we will no longer allow these criminals to act as if they can not be prosecuted for anything. If you go into a country like Iraq and you murder more than a million people and you steal their oil you are a criminal and you deserve to be tried in a court of law. You can not get away with this behavior anymore. They have been given a deadline and they know theta we are serious. They will be found wherever they try to hide on this planet and arrested. Their only chance is to agree to appear before SEUC African style truth and reconciliation committee. And if they do so and if they stop tormenting and harassing our species and our planet then they will be forgiven. This is a one-time offer. We want world peace, we want an end to hunger, we want an end to environmental destruction and we want all the progress that has been stolen from us given back so we can have the future we were meant to have. Thank you.

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Posted by: speldo on Mar 20, 2011

Benjamin Fulford pracoval pre časopis Forbes a v rokoch 1998 - 2005 bol šéfom jeho ázijskeho odvetvia. Viac na

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