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How To Upload Videos On dotSUB

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Hi, and welcome to DotSUB. In this tutorial, we're going to show you how to upload a video to DotSUB So the first thing you need to do is sign in, and if you are not a DotSUB user, you should registrate and create an account, which is very easy and takes about a minute or 2. But first we sign in hit the login button, and if you'd liked to be remembered every time you come to the site, just click on the "Remember me" button. Once we're logged in, the first thing we do is go to this yellow "Submit your video" We're going to click on this and this is going to take us to the video metadata page. So we need to put in the video title Now you need to put in a short description of the video and this is required: "this is a fun video" And the next thing you're going to do is choose a license and you - this is required as well, you should have the rights to whatever you're posting - We are using Creative Commons licenses and there is a drop-down list that lets you choose which one you would like to use, or you could use another one. If you need information on this you can click on this link, which will take you directly to Creative Comons for more information. And you can also go to the bottom of our site under "Legal stuff", and click on "Creative Commons". The next thing you're going to do is select the source language, right where it says "language" And remember, the source language is the original language the video was produced in, not the language that you would like to translate it into. So in my case, it's English Then you choose the country. And again in my case it's the US Then you can choose the genre. Depending on what it is - we're going to do a documentary. Just down here, you can put the name of the producer, if you like, and you can put in multiple names there if you like and director as well. This next box, the one where it says "make this video public" is important. If you would like this video to be public to anybody who goes to DotSUB, the general public, you just click on this box. That means anybody can view the video. If you don't want it to be public, you want it to be private, don't click on this box. And we do have advanced permissioning that we'll show you in the next tutorial and that you can do once your video is uploaded. OK. So there are 2 ways to upload: you can upload directly from your desktop by clicking on "Upload file" And you can also upload from an existing internet address we can take a URL address, such as a YouTube video So, from your desktop, you just click on "Upload file" then click "Browse", choose the video and then hit "Save". Now, once you hit save you are going to see a progress bar right down here and sometimes it takes a while for a video to upload, particularly if it's a long video, 20 or 30 or 40 minutes long. It does go into a queue in our systems. You will receive an e-mail telling you that your video is in the queue and then you'll receive an e-mail telling you that your video has been properly uploaded. The other way is from an existing URL, so if you have that address you can just paste it in here. And some videos - some websites don't allow for you to grab the videos. So again, if you don't have the rights or if it's a video that won't let you, you can click here to see if it'll test in our player properly. OK. If you have any other questions you can just look up to the top on the right, here, to our help section, which will take you to our Frequently Asked Questions among other things. And otherwise, you can send us an e-mail at [email protected] Thanks a lot.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 30 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Views: 14,536
Posted by: zad on May 11, 2009

This video will show you how to upload your videos to dotSUB. We recommend watching the entire video so that you don't miss any important information. We also recommend viewing this video in "full screen" mode.

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