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Sermão do Rev. Pe. Ernesto Cardozo _ 22_03_2015

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Dear faithful, we begin this Passion Season which is found within the Gospels... Stupendous! Who would dare to say "Before Abraham was, I am!", if not God Himself? Who would be able to say such a thing? This sentence "Before Abraham was, I am" is an admirable sign of Christ... And this [clash] or fight with the Jews --which dates back since the Passion-- is growing stronger and stronger and it is as if Jesus would say: "Enough!" Whoever keep my Word shall live forever. Outstanding! We should keep Christ's doctrine, not men's doctrine, not the doctrine of individuals who parish with time... For instance; you should all be aware by now of the grace given by God --through the intercession of St. Joseph-- for the consecration of a Catholic Bishop... [but] they say we are excommunicated and all these foolishness. Who excommunicate us? Those who say God is not God? [but you'd say to me] "But Father, the local bishop and the parish priest say that Jesus is God..." Ok, Jesus is God. So, if He is God how is it possible that there are ecumenical acts? How is it possible to put Christ and Budha or a protestant minister at the same level? Or a Francis who kneels down to a protestant minister to receive a blessing? How can we take that?! That's why we should be proud!! [Look at all these people], who deny the divinity of Jesus Christ and the only Church founded by Christ --The Roman Catholic Church-- which is the only way to salvation. Would you be concerned if you were to be excommunicated by the Lutherans, the Islam or the Synagogue? No. Why? Because we never belonged to these things anyway. And if now the modernists excommunicate us... Praise be to God! That only confirms that we are Catholics... That we believe in the divinity of Christ, that we are not ecumenical, we strive for the conversion of souls, not the inter religious dialogue with the separated brethren --which used to be called heretics and schismatics-- No, no, no! We strive for the conversion of souls! Why? Because among all things we are a troop, and we are accused by the Jews just as Christ was. You [Jews] are liars, you claim to have the same father as we do but that's a lie... a lie! And why is this a lie? Because you don't strive for the salvation of souls, for the truth, for Jesus Christ... You don't strive to fulfill the 'Our Father'. How many times we pray "Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done"... Who works for the reign of Christ?! If I work with the enemies of Christ, how can I work for the reign of Christ?! If I am to dialogue or to omit those things that may offend the protestants... Perhaps the Marian dogmas, the eternal virginity of Mary, in order so they might not get mad at us... How would I be working for the reigning of Christ? I would be lying each time I pray the 'Our Father" while not working for the reigning of Christ. So, beware! It's a fact that we have received a grace from God in the feast of Saint Joseph... It was a sublime grace. And take heed; we started the Mass singing a song of Fatima. Why? Because we are fulfilling Fatima's promise. Why? The Virgin has said that in Portugal the dogma of faith shall always be preserved. Brazil... is a continuation of Portugal. Look how we are witnessing a fact --which a year or [even] two months ago was unimaginable-- that in this blessed land of Santa Cruz ("Holy Cross" - Brazil former's name) the works of Tradition is continuing the work of restoration, restoration of the tradition of the Church. And that is why dear faithful, we can't get tired from giving thanks to God. We are living through very special times, very special. And if people attack us saying we are not Catholics, that we are excommunicated... Keep one thing in mind: How God is forming people to be like unto Him. You're supposed to think Our Lord preached for 3 years... Our Lord preached for 3 years and on the last year of His public life, Jesus was excommunicated from the Synagogue. Even the Son of God was excommunicated, so, may these crooks, atheists, apostates excommunicate us also... That only proves to us we don't belong at all to these troops of apostates who have declared God is not Catholic, that dogs go to heaven, etc.... So, this, somehow, purifies us. Purifies us but also increases our responsibility of being stronger on doctrine, on morals, on being light of the world and the salt of the earth as Our Lord has asked. Therefore, dear faithful, on one side we have the Passion of Christ and its drama but

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Sermão do Rev. Pe. Ernesto Cardozo _ 22_03_2015

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