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RSA's Fraud and Risk Intelligence Suite's vision is to detect and prevent omni-channel financial consumer fraud through deep entity profiling and machine automation. But what does that actually mean? Let's take a moment and break that down. Deep Entity Profiling. Our products affords us a unique visibility into the consumers online digital behavior. Be it banking online via browser, via mobile, traversing a website or buying something with a credit card, our products are continuously collecting information in the background to better assess whether a transaction is fraudulent or legitimate. Add to that our deep visibility into the cyber crime underground and our knowledge of compromised credit cards, bank accounts, user names and passwords and we can paint an even more holistic profile of that entity and whether the transaction is fraudulent or legitimate. Let's talk about automation. As we heard previously, transaction volumes are predicted to grow substantially and fraud teams will be ill equipped to deal with the growing rates of fraud cases. How do you solve this problem? Do you throw more hands at it? That's obviously the wrong thing to do from an operational cost perspective which is why our products are going to leverage machine automation to help fraud teams review and close cases automatically. This in turn, will reduce the case load on the human operating team and allow them to focus on the cases that matter most. The RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence Suite is designed for organizations that want to align fraud prevention efforts with risk tolerance and strategic priorities so they can reduce fraud, not their customer base. RSA's Fraud and Risk Intelligence Suite is comprised of the following products: RSA Fraudaction. Fraudaction is an external managed fraud prevention service that offers customers protection on five key domains: phishing attacks, malware attacks, mobile rogue app attacks, brand and social media. We proactively search daily for phishing, malware and mobile rogue apps targeting your consumers and diligently work to take them down. Our team of underground operatives searches different sources for mentions of your brand and business operation across deep web sources, open web sources and social media to reveal chatter pertaining to your brand. RSA Adaptive Authentication is an advanced authentication and fraud prevention solution. Powered by RSA's risk engine, RSA Adaptive Authentication is designed to measure the risk associated with a users login and post login activities. It does this by leveraging a variety of risk indicators. Based on the policy set by the organization, fraudulent transactions will either be blocked or challenged using an array of step-up methods. RSA Adaptive Authentication is designed for organizations that want to provide their consumers with frictionless user experiences while keeping fraud losses at bay. RSA 3D Secure For Ecommerce is RSA's 3D secure solution for card issuing banks. Leveraging the 3D secure protocol in infrastructure, RSA allows merchants and issuers to provide consumers with secure online shopping experiences all the while mitigating charge back losses. Powered by RSA's risk engine, RSA's 3D Secure Solution transparently authenticates users, challenging only those with high risk transactions. RSA's Web Threat Detection is an advanced fraud detection solution that leverages both user behavior analytics and rules to identify and detect high impact fraud threats. And it does this without impacting user experience or the websites performance. Web Threat Detection monitors user behavior or the click stream, from the moment the session starts, allowing fraud analysts to detect even the most sophisticated threats. RSA Efraud Network is a repository of confirmed fraud indicators that is shared across the RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence products as well as our customer community. It allows us to better detect fraud but more importantly, fight it together. To learn more about RSA's Fraud and Risk Intelligence portfolio, check out the product specific modules. With that, I look forward to you joining us in the global fight against fraud. Thank you for your time and happy hunting.

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