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♪ music playing ♪ >>Juan: Smooth driving is about the quality of the ride for the passenger. When you think of the term quality, think of the idea of high quality. Comfortable and with attention to detail, so that every part of the experience is enjoyable. And this really is about the experience from the rider's point of view. It makes a difference for your passenger when you stop and start a car abruptly, but if you give yourself space between your car and the other cars on the road, you're also giving yourself time to slow down more gradually, which is most gently and enjoyable for the rider. Plus, leaving space between cars gives you time to react to unsafe situations. Like if someone backs out of their driveway without looking. Successful communication with other drivers is also a great way to provide a smooth trip. If you're using your turn signal, other drivers can give you space so you don't need to make erratic lane changes. Using your turn signals also communicates to the rider that you care about safety for everyone on the road. Not using the indicator, on the other hand, may cause other drivers to honk at you, which is unpleasant for the rider. Remember, there's a difference between an assertive driver and an aggressive driver, you do not need to speed around other cars on the road in order to get where you are going. In fact, doing so may make your rider feel unsafe. That not only causes you to lose your tip but potentially your rating as well. Smooth driving and a safe trip are actually one in the same thing. With the added benefit of increasing your tips. Just pretend you have a raw egg on one of your seats and you don't want it to crack all over the upholstery. You'll definitely give a smooth safe trip. Choose safety and what's next? Choose a tip. ♪ music playing ♪

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