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How to navigate biology 13A

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Hello and welcome to the biology 13A: Environmental Regulations online class. I'm your instructor, Keely Carroll, coming to you live from my living room. You can see my rather blinds behind me. But, I wanted to make this video for you to give you an idea of what to expect from the class, what you can expect from me, to give you a little information about me as well, and also to show you how to navigate the Blackboard site for this class because it is an online class. So, lets take a look at my computer screen. So, what I've got here is a screenshot movie of my computer screen that I can use to show you how to navigate the Blackboard site for the class. So, to get on the Blackboard site for the class you will want to goto our campus webpage which is at Once you are there, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page, and then if you look at the second button from the left along the bottom is a button that says "Blackboard". You will want to click on that button. That will bring you to the Blackboard login page. At this point in time you are going to click where it says "Blackboard Login" Now, how do you login to Blackboard? Well, if you've been on Blackboard in the last semester or in the summer you just use the same user name and password that you used before. Now, if you're new to Blackboard, or if you haven't logged on since last Spring your user name is going to be identical to your My Sierra login and your password is going to be the default password of stu which is short for student and then the first initial of your first name and the first initial of your last name. Which means that for me if I were logging in for the first time that my password would be stukc. stu for student and then k for Keely and then c for Carroll. But since I have been on Blackboard before I have a new password and I will show you how you can change that. So, once you login you are going to see a page like this. Mine is just really busy because I've got a lot of other classes on here as well some from last semester. But once you're on here, if you are using the default password, you are going to want to go to this box that's over in the left-hand corner, and the first thing that's in this box, labelled tools, is a link for personal information. You want to click on that. And then this brings you to a screen which will enable you to do a few things that I want you to really pay attention to. First, change password. If you've used, or if you just want to change your password, this is where you would go to do it. You can then change your default password to whatever password you want it to be The next thing that you need to do is to goto this link where it says Edit Personal Information. At this link you can change the email address that Blackboard will send you emails. Right now it will be defaulted to your Sierra College email and the college would prefer if you used the Sierra College email for all communications through the college. This is because this is the email that the college is going to send all announcements, registration information, and things like that through your Sierra College email. For me, if you want to use a different email address, it doesn't make that much of a difference but you're going to have to make sure that you edit your personal information here, so that, you have your current email listed so that you'll get the emails that I send you in the class. This is important because I am going to be sending all email communications for the class out through Blackboard. If your email isn't updated then, you're not going to get the emails. All right So after you've done that you come back over to the main page. My computer apparently doesn't want to do that, so I am going to click over here where it says My Institution. And then you can scroll down to where it says SP10: Environmental Regulations. Now depending upon the number of courses you're in, or if your instructors are using Blackboard shells for those courses, you might just have this class listed or more classes listed. It depends upon what classes you are enrolled in. For our class, you'll want to click on here, SP10: Environmental Regulations. SP10, of course for spring 2010. All right, that will bring you to the announcements page. Every time you log into the class, it will take you to the Announcements page. If scroll down, you'll see an announcement that is the same as the one that I emailed out to all of you the other day. The announcements page has some of the basic news you might need to know about the class. I am going to use the announcements page to give you reminders about homework assignments or let you know when new material is up on the site, or when your case studies are going to be due. So, this is a good thing to check! I will also be emailing you the announcements as well, but it is a good idea to check the announcements page every once in awhile. Now, during the course of the semester all announcements will be maintained on this page. It is just that as they get older, you might have to look at the tabs that take you to the links to the past. Now, over on the left-hand side here, you're going to see a series of buttons. We are already on the announcements page so we don't need to click on that one because its not going to take us anywhere at this point. The next button down is the syllabus button. At this link you are going to find the syllabus for the class. A syllabus is an extraordinarily important document and you really, really, really need to read it! A syllabus is essentially a contract between you and myself that outlines all of the policies for the class. Basically, you can trust that I am going to follow those policies and I'm going to expect you to do the same. I'm not going to throw something new in here that you're not expecting during the course of the semester, if its not in the syllabus. Now, I have a copy of the syllabus that I have already opened over here. This is just to show you what the syllabus looks like. This has my information on it, a description of the course. It has some of the same information that I am talking about in this video but you should still go through and read it. One of the important things to realize is that, this is a one unit class and it is going to end on March 11th. Since the class is one unit you would expect the work to be a bit less but we are ending early during the semester so you should expect 2 units per week of work for the class. Some other basic information about the can navigate through that. Then, where is it? Learning Outcomes! All right, every class you take at Sierra College has a series of learning outcomes associated with it. Learning outcomes are basically the things that you can expect to learn in this class and they are listed here. We just have a few for this class. I found that these learning outcomes give us a little bit of leeway to have some fun in this class. So, I am not just going to sit down and say "The National Environmental Protection Act seeks to protect the environment from blah, blah, blah." No! Obviously, I am going to teach you that sort of stuff but I am also going to give you background on how these policies came about and I think you will find that the history of some of the environmental legislation is pretty amazing. All right, if you keep scrolling though the syllabus, it has what the assignments are going to be, you will need to take a look at that later, and then also the schedule for the class for the semester. So that's the syllabus. You've got to make sure you read it. It is absolutely important that you do. Back to the Blackboard site. So, this is our syllabus button. The third button from the top says "Weekly Folders". As of right now I've got two of these folders open. Now the reason that I did that is because its listed in the schedule that the class starts after the semester starts and I didn't want you to rush to catch up with all of this material up through the second week of class. Normally, I only release the folders one at a time but for the first two weeks I've got both folders open. So, here's the folders for the first two weeks. Now if you click on the first folder, you get a sort of basic look at what you might see each week in the class. I usually will post a video you can watch. You might need Quicktime installed on your computer to see the video and I have a little button over here on the left that says Tech Toolbox that you can visit to download any of the programs that you might need. All of those downloads are free. So just click on that Tech Toolbox link and it will take you to those. This page also has a link to the lectures right here. I can show you what the lecture notes look like. I've got a copy right here. It looks a lot like the syllabus. It basically has the lecture for the class all contained within this document. Now, you have an option. You can either get this material through the lecture notes, or you can get this material from podcasts. If you click on the link, in the folder then it will direct you to the iTunesU site for the class. You can only access the iTunesU site for the class though the links. You can't go to iTunes and then go to iTunesU and then try to find Sierra College because we are not on the main part of the iTunes site you have to in through the backdoor that the campus has set up. If you look on here, you will see all of the podcasts for the class. You don't have to listen to the podcasts. You don't have to. The podcasts are the same as the written lecture. They are just me reading them. I created the podcasts for students who are more auditory learners. Or if you just like to get the material and listen to it on your commute. Some people use both. So, its entirely up to you whether or not you want to use the podcasts. They are not, by any means, required. Let me close that. So, that's the first week. Its sort of a basic sort of week. We are going to be taking it easy. There will usually be, at the top, an audio announcement with text with it, so you can get it either way. But I haven't recorded it yet. Let me go back to the folders button and show you the folder for next week. This folder has two lectures in it. So if we open that there is a little video again, a couple of lectures, there is also a pdf document to look at, and there is also the podcast. Now, you can go back up here to the top and click the folder for the week and then you can click on the button that says assignments. Ok, don't freak out. I know its a lot of stuff and that is partially the reason that the material is up there for two weeks. A couple of those things are one minute papers. Basically I am going to want you to go and get information on the topic and then send me your comments. Now to complete this assignment you will need to click where it says complete assignment, and I am not sure if this is going to open it up right...oh it did. As an instructor, sometimes I see Blackboard differently than students do. And you do have the option of adding a file attachment to complete this assignment, but please, oh, please don't do that. Please. Please. Please. Don't do that. What I want you to do is in this comments section here, type your thoughts. Really, its like a one minute paper. That's what I mean. Type for one minute..."I thought blah, blah, blah." Whatever your comments are. And then, you just click submit. And it will get submitted. I've got a couple of these set up for this week. And then you will see that you have your very first case study. I am not going to go over how to complete those assignments right now. You can read in the syllabus how to complete the case studies. What information needs to be contained within those. Then, when you are done with your case study, you are going to submit your case study through something called Safe Assign. Shoot, this is one of those situations where I can't see the screen the same way you can. So, Safe Assign basically is a program that checks student work against material on the internet. I've had problems, in the past, with people cutting and pasting material from sites like Wikipedia and I have had to start using this program to double check assignments. Its never been a problem in this class but it is something that I prefer to do. If you are going to use sources for your case studies, it's imperative that you paraphrase your sources and that you have a literature cited section in there as well. I will have, in the blurb for that week's folder, I will have a little bit of information on the case studies and how to complete them. So those are the weekly folders. Now, I am going to the fourth button from the top and that is the discussion board button. That will take you to the discussion board for the class. Again, you will see this page a little bit differently than I do but you can see that we've got your first discussion board topic already posted here and I've actually got the next one posted here. You probably won't see this one yet but the first one is already on there. The discussion board is pretty easy. You will need to post an original post by Tuesday at 8am of the week in which it was assigned and then you post two replies to two different people in the class by Friday at 8am. All of our material in this class is due either by Tuesday at 8am or by Friday at 8am. That doesn't mean that you have to do it on Friday AT 8am. Its a DUE BY date. Turn it in to me whenever you get it done. So long as its done by that date and time. Learning outcomes we already talked about in the syllabus. Its the same sort of information. What you can expect to learn in this class and so on. The next button down has a link for additional readings. We don't have a textbook for this class but sometimes people are curious about other books you can get on environmental regulations. I've listed a couple listed here. If you have any suggestions, let me know and I will add them to the page. The iTunesU button takes you to the iTunes site for the class. It will redirect you to iTunesU and open iTunes on your computer. Again, if you don't have iTunes on your computer, go to the Tech Toolbox button and you will see all of these links for getting iTunesU, Adobe flash player, which you might need to view some of the videos. Quicktime. Things like that. Communication button...a way to send emails to me through Blackboard, if you would like. You can see here is says send email. And then... The Tools button, which has one thing that students really like My Grades. So you can get a running total at any point in time you want to look at your grades. I usually don't get this set up until about the second week of class. I know that that makes it hard since we are a short course class but it usually takes me that long to get the grades set up but after your first case study you will be able to view your grades online. There should also be comments with each of your assignments as well. This next button down, is pretty cool. We have this new program on Blackboard called Wimba Pronto and basically what it is is an instant message system for your computer. I've already downloaded it on my computer but what you can do is click on Wimba Pronto and then you click here and then it will redirect you to a site where you can download the program. Once it is downloaded on your computer, you'll have a login screen that looks like this. And I am going to sign in. The owl is going to give a shout out. Once you are signed in, you will see a list of all of the classes you're enrolled in and any other people from the class including myself who are on their computer and logged in at that time. I have a committee I am on that shows some of the other people who are on that committee that are logged in at this moment. Since students haven't signed in yet, there aren't any to see here yet. With this program, if somebody's on their computer, you can instant message myself or anybody else in the class through this program. This program rocks. During my office hours, which are posted in the syllabus, I will be on my computer and I will be on Wimba at the same time. So, if you want instant information from me, use this program. Last couple of buttons here. A button that has a link to my email, my phone number, where my office is on the Rocklin campus, office hours and a somewhat distorted picture of me and my kids at Yosemite. This last button here will redirect you to the Sierra College library site. Pretty handy. Just another way of getting access to that information. So, that pretty much covers the class itself. Let me finish telling you a little bit about myself. Again, my name is Keely Carroll. This is my third year teaching at Sierra College but I have been teaching for about 10 years altogether. I started out teaching at Sac State, where I got my masters in conservation biology. I then went on to teach at Sacramento City College, Folsom Lake College and then finally at Sierra. I love Sierra College. This place is just the best ever. I have taught classes in ecology, field methods in ecology, cell and molecular biology, biology for non-majors and I'm sure a couple of other classes I'm forgetting but my background is mainly in ecology. Like I said before, I got my masters in conservation biology, studying skunks. Yes, I said skunks. Specifically, spotted skunks. I have a picture of one here that you can take a look at. They are, you must admit, undeniably cute. But they do spray and they are a little bit stinky but it was a lot of fun, doing my project on skunks. I also spent a little bit of time working for the Department of Fish and Game, both working on salmonid research and also in the Game Bird Heritage Program. I have done some work with the Forest Service as well so I have a little bit of familiarity with both of those agencies. Right now, I am a teacher. I love to teach. It's great to be able to talk all day about biology. I couldn't think of a more fun career. I live out in the hills. I like being outside, a great deal. I love camping. I enjoy horseback riding. I have a lot of very old and as a by-product of them being old, very expensive animals here at my home. I've got a couple of kids, one who's 8 and one who's 5. Who you will probably hear, periodically, in the background, during the podcasts. They occasionally like to ask me questions while I am podcasting. And sometimes my son will be in the background making soundtrack noises while I am recording the podcasts. On other occasions, you might hear my husband playing Mario Kart in the background. One of the things that I love about on line classes: you can do it anywhere! So, you might hear some of those noises in the background. I really have enjoyed teaching this class in the past. I love the input that I get from the students in this class and I'm really looking forward to it. I am really looking forward to learning about the things that you guys are going to teach me. So, I hope you enjoy the class. Please, don't hesitate to contact me. Call me. Email me. Send me an instant message. Whatever you would like to do to get in contact with me, if you need help in the course or you just want to talk about biology. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the class. Have a great semester.

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This video will give you an idea of what to expect in the class and show you how to navigate the course.

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