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The night of Pesach and only the night of Pesach is in the secret of "small brain" meaning a reduced level of consciousness. reduced level of consciousness consciousness How do I know? I don't know. How would I know to tell you? I wouldn't know to tell you. But I'm assuming that the Ari was familiar with the consciousness that exists on that particular day. If he doesn't know, no one knows. Then the forces that exist that are our government ruling us and we don't even know who's ruling then how can we change anything if we're not even consciousness of what government is now in control? I have to know the government that controls before I can transform that government. There are three forms of consciousness in a "katnut" level meaning a concealment. There's a force that is making every effort for the whole year to reduce our consciousness. Three forces. Wow! Now I know what has to be done. I know at least who the enemy is! A power that reduces consciousness. A power that when I enter into a partnership If I haven't got an expanded consciousness I can't see the partner. After ten years I find out he's the wrong one I marry a woman... doesn't let me see that this is not the right woman for me. reduces my consciousness and on Leil Pesach, says the Ari on Leil Pesach These three consciousness are in "katnut" They are in a limited, concealed form of consciousness If we can only break it out If we can only elevate these three consciousness which creates a concealment of consciousness throughout the whole year because it called the first month, the head of the month and "Aviv", it is called the father of all the twelve months therefore we can only spring out Spring out! This contained bond. It's in bondage It's in prison! It's "katnut"! Bring it into "gadlut"! Expand that consciousness! Once you've destroyed that government that rules us for chaos Then "gadlut" takes over Then you will be ruled all throughout the year by a level of consciousness of "gadlut", of expanded consciousness rather than limited consciousness. When we sit at the Seder table I and everyone else who has studied this, but not everybody there who's gonna be attending the Leil Seder and certainly not those who are having dinner with their families are gonna be going through this. What would they do? They're having a great time together, enjoying themselves together and not taking the opportunity to change a consciousness of "katnut" to one of possibility, of expansion, for the whole year conversion of "katnut" or short circuit-ness into one of the whole year of circuitry. Someone asked me what should he do with his family? I said "whatever you want to do with the year". Why are you asking me? Why is it my decision? Should he leave his family? Abandon his family? I said "don't abandon them". Why is it my decision? Why are you sitting down with your family that night? because something about the Torah, speaking about going out of Egypt and so on it has nothing to do with sitting down with the family.

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