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Spanish and Mexican Food Part 3 Block 3

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LA CENA (lunch) is eaten between 8 through 10 pm in mexico La cena is not the main meal of the day is more like lunch. La cena (lunch) would contain a Hambergusea with Papas Fritas (buger with fries) Another option for lunch in mexico is PIZZA and to spice it up have an side order of jalenpenos. Often in mexico you may see people put ketchup in their pizza In mexico as cena you could have Tortas or SANDWICHS, There different types of tortas like de pollo,jamon en queso and prices are up to 1.50 2.00$ Everyone knows about the famous TACO in Mexico is an Tortilla fill with meat You could also try tacos made of Lengua (tung), Ojo (eyes), Seso (brain). GRILLOS (crickets) are also eaten in mexico with salsa and lemon and make an cricket taco. In mexico you could have CHURROS for dinner is an sweet bread dough stick. Is an fried bread dough with sugar that avaiable for an late afternoon snack or dinner Or you can have PAN DULCE (sweet bread) before you go to sleep. The Bakery sell it fresh in the morning and the afternoon Mexican dinner are varired like the drinks at night you could have the same drinks during the day. Refrescos (soda), Auga de Frutas (fruit water) , Lucuados (milkshakes), but for the winter you can enjoy a mexican hot chocolate They make there hot chocolate by using a molinillo show here, To mix up 2 inch tablet into hot milk Here you can see the famous Abuelita brand and of course, Moctezuma named after the famous aztec emperor. Another very old tradtional indigenous drink in mexico is called ATOLE, a corn drink often served with Tomale,Corn dough cooked inside the corn husk. that we talked about in the mexican comida and also shown here. ATOLE is prepared by roasting cornals of corn. Grinding them up traditionally using a MOGAHETA, a mexican pestal. Then stiring the resulting meal, which is called PINOLA into water. Most ATOLES sold in the markado are served warm or sweeten with honey and often Flavored with fruit juices. Cinnamon,Vanilla, or chocolate. Interestingly 100 years ago in mexican tribes ATOLE was the only drink that pregnant people can drink because they believed that it was soothing and Nutritious, and it will create a calm soothing mood for the expected mother. Be sure to get to try this hot/cold drink ATOLE if you get the chance. This is PAELLA, the national dish of SPAIN, yellow safron rice, vegetables, and seafood. Here she is showing what the shrimps look like compared to the United States and explaining how to peel them and eat them. Now she trys the shrimp and talks about how much better tasting and sweeter the shrimp is here compared to the states She talks alot we know -__- (Subtitles) while in spain you can also enjoy a tortia espanola :3 it is not the same as the flatcorn tortia in mexico. Tortia espanola is an omlet that is baked and severd like a pie (mmmm pie XD) it is made from patata, potato, huevo, egg, siborja, onion. And now you can see it live. OH joy more talking -__- anyway she is basicly talking about the omlet like meal in front of her explaining it and again eating it. Butidos are various types of sausage They're often served cold with Queso, cheese. Two of the most popular Embutidos are Chorizos, shown on the left, and Morsija shown on the right This is a plate of cold Choriso, as it is often served with Queso (cheese), and Pan (bread) Here is a hot Choriso which is one of my personal favorites Morcilla is a spanish black sausge made from blood, rice, spices, and other ingredients. Americans often get freaked out known that there's blood in this sausge. But actually morcilla is very popular in spain and most people find it quite tasty Both of these sausages are common toppings on pizza Next we see spain's renowned Jamon Serrano It is a salted cured ham, and served everywhere in Spain Infact they even have bars dedicated to different types of Jamon hamon seron is the less costly type of ham , holA TAPAS are also called PINCHOS because mony of them have a PINCHO or toothpick going through them Most bars and restaurants have a variety of TAPAS to choose from including GAMBAS large shrimp or prons with their heads still on CALAMARES battered fried squid, CROCETAS battered fried fingers filled with things like cheese and ham and ALBONIGAS MEATBALLS cOMING LIVE YOU SEE tortilla espanola A CHEESE SOUFFLE, yogurt sauce, crade chicken CARNE meat in a nice spanish sauce, roasted red peppers with onions ond olive oil which is a very popular spanish TAPA Roast chicken in the back, and the oven baked pork loin in the front, potatoes in cream sauce, pork called MAGRO and tomato sauce Lentils and chicken livers which are very popular served in a cherry sauce as you can see olive oil is used alot in spanish cooking in fact they have some of the best olive oil in the world there oil comes of course from there famous spanish olives called ASEITUNAS these olives can come filled with peppers diffirent kinds of cheese and even anchovies these various types of spanish olives are also avilable as TAPAS to summerize some of spains most popular foods include CUASIDO, GASPACHO, IAEHEA, TORTILLA ESPANOLA or TORTILLA DE PATATA EMBUTIDOS like CHORIZO Y MORRILA HAMON SARANO and the famous spanish TAPAS

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Spanish and Mexican Food Part 3 Block 3

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