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Mickael Korvin & Morsay kiffent Ernaux, Quignard, Echenoz et Bon

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French Language Liberation Front (MK) Hi Morsay Bro everything ok? I had an idea We attacked the writers we don't like so much What if for once we sang the glory of those we're hot for? Are there any writers you think are hot? (Morsay) Yes there’is five of them Annie Ernaux, Pascal Quignard, Jean Echenoz, François Bon and Mickael Korvin, you yourself (MK) Thank you Bro, that’s really nice of you (Morsay) What were you thinking of doing ? (MK) I was thinking we could do a freestyle rap (Morsay) But a featuring with me costs 3000 euros, Bro (MK) No problem, you know I have money You want more? (Morsay) 3000 is OK (MK) But I don't have the cash on me, I write you up a check afterwards ok? (Morsay) How much do you have? (MK) About 1000 euros (Morsay) Hello, my cutie, how are you doing? Hey honey let me call you back later, I think you’re hot Ok, are you ready? Ok let’s do it Four writers, this song is for you, we think you’re hot (MK) French literature (Morsay) come smoke a joint (MK) French, the world’s most beautiful language (Morsay) there’s also Algeria ok show them what you can do, click you bitches, the beautiful, the ugly, everyone, we think you’re hot We're taking off for Algeria (MK) Annie Ernoux we think you're hot We love you We came here to tell you Annie Ernoux we think you’re hot with your conception of what school should be like, a beckoning to the future Annie Ernoux we think you’re hot ...with your father’s violence because of his lack of culture. We think you’re hot, you’re beautiful, you’re boiling hot. (Morsay) Take your clothes off, all of you, click your shrimps (MK) I venerate you Annie Ernoux French literature, what a blast - Pascal Quignard we think you’re hot Pascal Quignard you’re the best You write like a god Nothing compares to you Pascal Quignard... get me high Pascal Quignard we think you're hot with your descent towards the light of understanding Pascal Quignard we think you're hot with "All the mornings of the world" (Morsay) click you shrimps (MK) Pascal Quignard we think you’re hot with your cruel beauties who navigate Britanny (Morsay) Even the cookies from Britanny are hot (MK) thank you, thank you, Pascal Quignard French literature, there's nothing better It's the language of poetry Pascal Quignard we love you François Bon we think you're hot (Morsay) I'm surfing on your girlfriend (MK) François Bon you're good French literature. It's just too good (Morsay) But there's also Algeria and its neighbours, Morocco, Turkey, …. (MK) You're the sexiest of them all François Bon... François Bon You’re our best card François Bon You’re a real man François Bon We think you're hot with obsession of the universal flux François Bon we think you’re hot – You’re worth it François Bon we think you’re Hot ...with your friends from the society of old literature You’re the strongest, the best looking, the hottest of them all François Bon You’re too hot (Morsay) the fat, the skinny, the ugly, the beautifull, everybody we think you’re hot – click you fishes (MK) You have to read this guy (Morsay) We think yours books are hot And don’t forget to put my name on the title page Ok, enough is enough, I paid you enough to shut up a little (Morsay) But you know I don't pay too much taxes, so I'd really prefer cash you know I must to go back to Algeria, i'am sick of it, I don't even have official papers here. (MK) I'll give you all the money you want, but you stay here in France with us (Morsay) yeah, you're right, Sarkosy is gone I still want to take a little holiday (MK) I swear, things are changing (Morsay) Everybody in Algeria is waiting for me (MK) So I'm going with you (Morsay) No, you can't (MK) You're right, I'am jewish

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Posted by: mickaelkorvin on Jun 11, 2012

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