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Videos Without Borders Presentation

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[Videos Without Borders] [narrator] The next big leap in communications and technology is already here: Video. [57% of all web traffic is video] Video is the most powerful and effective communication's medium, period. [By 2017 90% of web traffic will be video] Businesses, nonprofits, and governments are clamoring to find new ways to sell, inspire, entertain, and connect using video. So why aren't all 7 billion people on the planet part of this revolution? The language barrier. [Nearly 5 billion people do not speak English at all.] Though most videos are in English, it is not the global language. So, how will we overcome this barrier to reach the entire planet? The Videos Without Borders Consortium, leveraging the Dotsub platform, will transcend language and open huge untapped markets to the video revolution. [Michael Smolens] If you want to emotionally connect with people, it's really better to communicate with them in their native language. We are at the forefront of not only enabling the videos to be time coded and captioned in any source language, but the important thing is being able to view them on all of the devices in multiple languages. [Dotsub is available in over 500 languages.] [narrator] Dotsub is the world leader in enabling video on any platform and in any source language to easily, quickly, and inexpensively be made available in any other language. [Dotsub´s clients include:] [David Orban] Dotsub's platform gives voice to corporations, to nonprofits, to educational institutions, to individuals who have something to say on a global level regardless of their message, which can travel across language barriers, really finding an audience in unexpected places. [narrator] Each company in the Videos Without Borders Consortium can radically transform their area of service. Collectively, they dramatically increase the reach of video around the world. Videum, a partnership with Razorfish Healthware, the leading digital health agency within the $15 billion Publicis group, is already generating revenue. It allows people throughout the world to access healthcare information, no matter what language they speak, improving and saving the lives of millions. Congressus extends the impact and reach of the 500,000 conferences and 16,000 major trade shows every year all over the world providing networking and cross pollination that allows users to connect with like-minded people around the globe across languages, borders, and disciplines. [Jason Hsu] We are kicking off one of the most exciting ecosystems there is. And I would say the way we think about the whole thing is from a point of view that— how do we use the least resources to create the most impact? [narrator] Esplori radically rethinks online learning, allowing anyone to learn anything, anywhere. It also leverages social networking to foster mentorship, collaboration, and peer-to-peer learning. [Federico Pistono] I say how do we use this new technology that came about and develop a different kind of education where anything that's worth learning is available to everyone, anywhere on Earth, in any language. [narrator] Video 4 Villages gives the 3 billion people in rural areas access to knowledge while creating a global network. By distributing video using feature phones and micro SD cards, it can reach huge audiences who are currently on the outside of the digital divide. [Kay Koplovitz] Here's an opportunity to take that marketplace to people that have had none of it, but they're going to go from none of it and all the sudden they're going to be connected to the 21st Century and everything we have. And wow! [narrator] Video Machine brings economies of scale to video production to dramatically lower the cost and time needed to create high volumes of video content. It is the engine that will feed our consortium and service its clients. [Michael Hoffman] How are we going to get all of these videos? We have process around how to do video the right way, and if we can apply that process into new techniques for creation, we have an opportunity to lower the cost in a way that creates whole new marketplaces for video. [narrator] A tidal wave of video content is already building. The Videos Without Borders Consortium will knock down the language barrier and open the door for brands and messages to reach audiences around the world. [Michael Smolens] We're really together kickstarting a video ecosystem to enable things to be done with video that have never been done before in a way that's never even been conceived before. [Michael Hoffman] And technology today gives us an opportunity to open that up to the entire world— anywhere in any language, and I think that really could be a powerful force for change and good in the world. [Federico Pistono] This is exactly where I want to be with exactly the people that I want to be with doing what I want to do. To me, this is it. This is it! Let the Global Video Revolution Begin! [Join us] [Videos Without Borders] [] [[email protected]]

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Duration: 5 minutes and 25 seconds
Year: 2013
Country: United States
Language: English
License: All rights reserved
Views: 241
Posted by: see3communications on Aug 27, 2013

Videos Without Borders Presentation

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