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Rav RH 2017 first day - Brazil Center

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The code name of Malchut means Desire to Receive. It means man's will and desire, man's will and desire. And therefore, when the Torah in Numbers says Rosh Hashanah is the 7th day and it's not a day of celebration of our birth and say Happy Birthday neither it's a happy occasion, but rather, because of what once happened, the creation, we, remember we have no one to blame but ourselves, because we were part of Adam, we all contributed to the beginning of chaos and disorder, along came Exodus, the most important period in the history of mankind, not only the jews. It's a mistake. all of mankind that for the first time, we, either independently, or collectively, could create again, and restore order and structure in this universe. That is on Rosh Hashanah. When it says we are judged, go into court, courtroom, judging whether we live or we don't live, this all depends on man's activity and action. It is dependent upon him! How the year will spell itself out. He will determine his own cassette, or rather shall I say, unfortunately, he can, because more times than none, we have experienced deterioration, chaos, death, and if you listen to your doctors once you've past the age of twenty, you've get into this period of degeneration, everything around us must be chaos. "Wrong!" says the Torah. I have given you in Nissan the tools by which you can change all of this. By which we can change all of this, and specifically that we are in the Age of Aquarius we are and have already reached the day by which not only should we set aside that idea of the medical profession, of degeneration, but rather rejuvenation. Because in this Age of Aquarius, all of this information on how we can go back to the future, which is what this month is about, going back to the future, What do you mean going back to the future? We all want to be eighteen years old, those who are older than eighteen, I think there isn't anybody who is younger than eighteen, wouldn't we all want to be eighteen, nineteen? Do you know that scientifically it's a possibility and according to the Zohar why it didn't happen yet? It's only because we on Rosh Hashanah have not collectively created enough order in this universe, because why do people get old? It's because we have not restored the Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah is a day on how, if we can not at least collectively do it, collectively restore the whole of the universe, at least our own environment should consist of order in our life. We have been given the tools. The trouble is, the Kabbalah, the Zohar, the Sefer Yetizrah and all of the infinite numbers of books that have been written, concerning the Age of Aquarius, that it's in this period that we can restore the fall of Adam. This is what Rosh Hashanah means. When you go and if you don't know what you are doing on Rosh Hashanah and you think it's a family affair and you think you have to go in there and hear the Shofar and you've paid your dues because you've heard the Shofar, and the Shofar is not blown according to this prescribed and definitive method on how you blown and more importantly says Rabbi Shimon, if you do not put in the right kavanot, the right meditation you could have stayed home, go play golf if you enjoy that more. And most of us I think would enjoy playing or enjoying ourselves somewhere else, but come to a Synagogue and go through the ordeal for what reason? Because we have lost the idea of what Rosh Hashanah well, what was Rosh Hashanah? I thought it was a New Year. We start the calendar that year. "Wrong!", said the Torah immediately. You are talking about calendars in the sense like the Gregorian calendar? The first month is Nissan, but this represents the fall of Adam. This represents the beginning of the chaos and disorder, and I want to quote the Zohar (Hebrew) This day is called the day of judgment. What is the day of judgment? This day has already been established as din. Din in Kabbalistic terminology means things of chaos and disorder, generally. Chaos and disorder. It's shock. It's not that peace and tranquility. (Hebrew)

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Rav RH 2017 first day - Brazil Center

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