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G12 Learning English Through the media in school (2)

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We have seven corners, so we have: reading corner, which is this one. They have to read a book and they have audio support, they have to listen to the audio. Ok, then we have music corner. The music corner, they listen to a song, and then, they have to understand the song If they don’t understand then,they have the dictionary online, so... Then, we have TV corner, they watch a film in english of course, with english subtitles. Then we have computer corner, there are two corners: computer corner one and two. And then, they work our web page which is the "Yellow Submarine" and they have a lot of activities, maybe videos or listenings, and they have to do, what you are asked them to do. So, then we have role play corner they prepare a role play, and of course always you don't understand something, you have to look up at the dictionary. And then we have the writing corner which they have to describe a picture, it depends... they have to ask questions about the picture… And then at the end of the session, they have those who were reading, they have to read in front of the rest of the class; those who were listening to the song, they have to sing, those who were preparing the role play, they have to reform the role played in front of the class aswell. We think that we like a lot working with media because we enjoy it more and it is really funny. Well, I believe that our learning way is good and whereas, as she had said,in the classroom you are bored and many people disconect because they are very bored and they start to do silly things. So here whereas, you learn playing and the people have already fun and are very aware I am learning a lot in the computer, in the television, in the radio and I like it a lot because in this way when I grow up, I will already know English. I think that English it goes well us do English because in this way when we will grow up we will be able to go to different countries I believe that “Yellow Submarine” is a really great experience better than learning English the old way which is that of the blackboard go copying. Because we have every modern things computers, radiocassettes, the television. And I think that we learn a lot of English. The pronunciation above all and we write a lot of things and is great, the Yellow Submarine. I believe that in the Yellow Submarine learns more than the traditional way to do things but I still believe if they put more films and other things in English we would learn more pronunciation and above all more grammar. I think that here in the Yellow Submarine, the truth is that we don’t learn so much English that here you don’t understand many things. Well, the film if you don’t go out into an academy aside you don’t understand anything and here if you go to an academy aside you don’t know even verb to be, you know? I think that there should have that have another learning way here, in the English's school. Yes because, well, we do a lot of fun studying and we are actually playing and meanwhile we are meanwhile we know how to pronounce things and listen how do they say things. Actually I do it at home because my teacher comes, everyday well five days of the week and he’s one hour in my home playing and explaining us things Do you watch TV? Yes. So so.. I watch more videos in my computer I really watch tv, but when I watched it, normally I watch Disney Channel Me too, it’s my favourite channel! Today in Disney Channel, we do new programs Yes! Two programs. Alex and friends, and "Amigas a desptiempo" ’I can’t wait. Neither.

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Posted by: lorenalupu on Jan 24, 2016

By Laura Farré, Lorena Lupu and Yolanda Lois

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