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Annoying Orange: Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples

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-[beatboxing] [laughs] -Ouch. Watch it, bub. -Whoa, hey, what are you? -Umm, I'm an apple. -[laughs] Oh, that's good. [laughs] -What's so funny? -So seriously, what are you? -Like I said, I'm an apple. -Yeah, and I'm a hippopotamus. [laughs] -Hey, I'm an apple. Why is that so hard to believe? -Apples are red, not green. -No, apples can be green too. -What? You're pulling my leg. -No, I'm not. -I know you're not, I don't have any legs. [laughs] -[growls] -Hey, maybe you're green because you fell in some toxic waste. -What? No. -That's it, you're a mutant. A teenage mutant ninja apple. -No. -♪ Teenage Mutant Ninja Apple ♪ ♪ Weirdo with a green peel, apple power ♪ [laughs] -Would you please stop it? -Hey! Hey, Mutant Ninja Apple. -I'm just an apple. -Hey! Hey, Mutant Ninja Apple! Hey! -I'm not a mutant ninja. Look, there are all kinds of apples out there. -Yeah, mutant apples. -No, no, look, there's apples like--like Red Delicious. -(ladies) Ooh! Ooh! -Easy, ladies. There's plenty of delicious me to go around. [chuckles] -And there's other apples like Red's cousin, Golden Delicious. -Easy, ladies. There's plenty of delicious me to go around. [chuckles] -Heck, there's even other green apples. Check out Granny Smith. -Come here and give me a kiss. I've got a dollar. -You see what I'm talking about, Orange? -Whoa! You guys aren't mutants at all. -[sighs] Thank you. -You're mighty morphin' power apples. -Oh, crap. -Make a giant robot. Make a giant robot. -That's it, I give up. -Hey, hey mighty morphin' mutant ninja. -What?! -Can you beatbox? -Beat-what? -Beatbox. Like this. [beatboxing] -Oh God, stop it! -[continues beatboxing] -Hey! Knock it off! -[beatboxes] -Stop! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! -[laughs] -You'll give me a headache with all that noise. Can you please just be quiet just for a minute? Please! -Okay... man. -Thank you... geez. -[beatboxes] -[restrained growl] -[beatboxes again] -[grunts] -[continues beatboxing] -Would you please knock it off?! I've had enough! No more beatboxing! -Why? It's cool. -No, it's not cool. It's stupid and annoying, just like you. Tell me something, where you dropped on your head one too many times? -Hey! Hey, Mutant Ninja Apple! -What? -Shredder -[shrieking] -Oh no. Green's down. We've got to stop it. -And we can, but only if we use our combined powers. Right, Granny? -Where's my hug? -Ahhh... -Ahhh... [slicing sounds] -Ow. Are you a knife and teamwork? [laughs] Ooh, ouch. -[growls] -[laughs] Hey, hey Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples. You mutated into a pie. [laughs] ♪ Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples ♪ ♪ Heroes in a pie shell, pastry power ♪ [laughs] -Who wants some prune juice? Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Duration: 3 minutes and 21 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: daneboe
Director: daneboe
Views: 788
Posted by: spongesebastian on Jan 5, 2011

Orange meets an apple that he is convinced is a mutant ninja!

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