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Spanish and Mexican Food Part 4 Block 3

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El Desyuno (Breakfast) in Enspaña (Spain) is usually eaten between 7 and 9 am. One of my favorite spanish breakfast is Churros Con Chocolate, here is a video clip that will make your mouth water. Beunos Días, it is now about 10:30 and I am in San Corte Remolinos, Costa del Sol in Spain. I am having Churros Con Chocolate for breakfast. As you can see there is the nothing on it but they did give me some suagr. So I am going to pour some sugar on it and it is sticking because it i nivce a greasy. Here is thr CHILLO and here is me CHOCOLATE its not as thick as I remember . They eat nutella the nice chocolate nazal nut spread instead. BEBIDAS PARA EL DESASUNO or breakfast drink include CAFA kon LECHE coffee with milk or the thick hot chocolate that we saw earlyer. that is perfect f Tripes prepares madrid style is a popular dish, in which garzazo beans and sausages we described earlier. Also since Spain is surrounded by water remember that they eat lots of seafood (MARIZOS) and fish (PESCADO) especially BACOLA (codfish) On top is BACOLA COMPATATOES(codfish with potatoes) and below is lobster and sause. And here is grilled squid and a PECADO MIXO, a mixed seafood plate. Finallly you cant forget their famous PIENDA, a mixture of yellow saffrire, rice, vegetables, and seafood. BEBIDAS or drinks for lunch in spain do not include fruit waters like in MEXICO in fact the choices are AGUA (water), GASOSA, or VENO (wine) Thus ends la comida, the main meal en Espana La Merienda is usually eaten around 5 of 6 pm. It is usually eaten by the children. Since they dont eat as much as the adults at the main meal. Kids in Spain often snack on GALLETAS. Shown here are Maria cookies is very popular in Spain. They also eat FRUTAS Y VERDUDAS (fruits and vegetables) as wells as regular and drinkable yogurt. If their especially hungary they can eat a sandwich (BACADILLOS). BEBIDAS, Drinks at snack time may include juice. Orange juice which they call ZUMO or LECHE milk remember that in spain they usually box milk rather than fresh milk the box milk does not have to be refigerate untill after it is open and ofcourse they can always drink AGUA water or GASEOSA selter that ends LA MERIENDA snack EN ESPANA spain.LA CENA Diner is eating betweeng 9 and 11PM in spain since the main meal of the day is eating betweeng 2 and 3PM their CENA is actually much more like the sides of a tipical lunch in the Unitate State remember that in Spain they eat diner much latter than peaple in the Unitate State beacouse much adults dont usually leave work untill around 8pm and fact many Restaurants in Spain dont even open for dine untill 9pm for diner they may eat a sandwich call a BOCADILLO or BOCATA . Shown in here is a BOCATA DE JAMON SERRANO the salted cured ham is very popular in Spain. You can also have a simple mix meat plate like the one shown here including JAMON SERRANO in the middle surrounded by CHORIZO a non-spicy spanish sausage and some QUESO cheese here is another BOCATA DE CHORIZO IVERICO CON QUESO depending in the tipe of CHORIZO it can be serve cold offended with QUESO cheese and PAN bread or can be cook on sertat here you can see CHORIZO in the left next to his counter part MORSILLA in the right remeber that MORSILLA is the spanish blak sausage made from blood,rice,spicys and other ingredients Moving on to more familiar foods, You can also have Hamburguesas con Patatas Fritas in Spain (Hamburger with french fries)... Or pizza, and since they are so big on sea food in spain, you may have the choice of muscles... Or shrimp on your pizza... In some places as well as Chorizo or Morcilla, two types of spanish sausage that we disscused earlier. Tortilla Espanola, a potato, egg and onion omelet thats baked and served like a pie is also very popular. Remeber, the Tortilla in Spain is NOT the same as the Tortilla in Mexico. In fact, when I lived in Spain, Tortilla Espanola was my dinner on many nights, since it was so reasonably priced and delicious. Finally , we get to the famous spanish Tapas... Appetizer like finger foods... Like unpeeled shrimp. Or small portions of various meat dishes... Often served with rice(Arroz) or potatoes(Patatas) Spain is known for their wide variety of Tapas and the small portions they come in allow you to have a variety a different foods at once. Here you can see some Tapas that were taken to go... Pipirana, peppers, onions, and olive oil with tuna.. Patatas A Lo Pobre(poor peoples potatoes and olive oil)... Ensalada de Pimienta(peppers and olive oil)... Lentejas(lentils), Arroz(rice), and Estofado de Ternera(pork stew)... Also Magro con Tomate(beef in a tomato sauce) Cheesy pasta... And chicken livers in a cherry sauce, emmmm. and dont forget the fame spanish olives. Before we end our discussion of dinner in spain we have to mention two very famous spanish deserts Flan de Huevo and Crema Catalana Flan is a light egg custard that is bathed in a carmel sauce. You can make it at home or have it out at a restaurant. It is not creamy like a pudding. Crema Catalana on the other hand is more similar to pudding in its texture. It is primamarly milk based opposed to egg like the flan.

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Spanish and Mexican Food Part 4 Block 3

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