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Stink Mouse Prank!

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-(announcer) What stinks more? A mouse or... a mouse? Well that's easy: a mouse. At least, when I get done with it. This has got to be the most vile, computer-practical joke ever: the Stink Mouse Prank. An ordinary resistor, when hit with enough voltage, will fry up and emit a putrid stench that will fill a room. (man groaning, coughing) So, that's where we'll start. But that's not going to be enough, because I want some smoke mixed in with my stink. So, I crushed up a smoke bomb and I'll use some of the powder from that. I picked an ordinary wired optical mouse and took the cover off. After plugging it in and locating the USB power connections, I decided to measure them with a volt meter, and I was getting about 5 volts. That's probably not going to be enough, so I built a little timer circuit that will increase the voltage and I also added a small micro switch. I wrapped the resistor with some tape filled with smoke bomb powder and now it's time to install it in the mouse. I made my power connections at the USB lines and I super-glued the micro switch in place right where it'll make contact with the right mouse button. Everything fit inside nice and snug, so I reattached the mouse cover. And then, secretly swapped it with the original mouse. And here's what happens... When you press the right mouse button, after a few seconds, the mouse will begin to smoke... and stink! And it even gave off a little surprise flash. (mouse poofs) This is sure to not only make your friend jump out of his seat, (man groaning, coughing) now he's got a room full of stinky smoke. And that's how I made the Stink Mouse Prank! Captioned by SpongeSebastian for

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Country: United States
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Producer: kipkay
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Mar 29, 2010

What's that smell? This is the ultimate computer prank with a smelly ending! (Captioned by Sebastian for

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