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TV reportage on Microglobalscope, RTS - Serbian Broadcasting Corporation

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If you don't ask for something, you won't get it – an old saying says. How else would someone give you what you need, if you don't say it? This was the case with elementary school Ivo Andric when they applied for some instruments. Lets see now what did they get. Microglobalscope is a microscopy initiative for teachers and pupils of elementary schools. The project donates microscopes and offers an on-line platform for international exchange of insights into microscopic world. Participating schools receive two microscopes. One is stationary, for clasrroom, and the other is hand-held and can be used in the field. These microscopes shed light on the invisible contents of our surroundings. DEJAN BOSKOVIC, biology teacher, Ivo Andric School -- Microglobalscope popularizes science world wide. Every school in the world could apply to participate in this project, and selected schools were given the microscopes. These microscopes are probably some of the most advance teaching tools of today. Also, through the web-site, pupils get ideas and support for their research. It turned out that this extraordinary activity brings many benefits, not only related to biology or chemistry – sciences that this project focuses on, but it also contributes to learning of English language and internet technologies. Is there microscopic life in street ponds? What does a cell look like? How does a leaf tissue look like under magnification? Where can the most diverse microorganisms be found? How about the simplest ones? PETAR TOSIC, pupil --- A few days ago I've had my tooth removed. I thought we could look it under the microscope. I have cut the tooth on our technical class, and under the microscope we were able to see all the layers that the tooth is made of. DJORDJE JOVANOVIC, pupil --- We are currently observing bacteria that we got from the University. Our new microscope came from the US. It can take photos and make videos. Therefore, it's like a camera - we can save everything we see. ANA PETROVIC Everything we do with the microscopes, all activities in the school and in the field, everything is put on the Microglobalscope web site. Me and my class mates help with translation of the texts younger pupils write. Then we forward them to other pupils who work on the web site. . MILOS NIKIC I am doing the IT in this project – I upload all the photos taken by other pupils. . We are also very proud that our school has been selected as one of the 10 schools in the world where this project took off. . Microglobalscope is a project by Science House Foundation, and it currently gathers 10 schools from 3 continents. The pupils have an opportunity to exchange experiences and excitement of scientific discoveries. The project not only encourages partnerships, but also friendship among young citizens of the world.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 31 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: Serbia
Language: Serbian
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Posted by: illy on Jun 5, 2011

This is a TV reportage from Ivo Andric Elementary School in Belgrade, Serbia by Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (RTS). This school is participating Microglobalscope - an international science popularization project by Science House Foundation. More info:

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