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Roger Thomas: An Aboriginal Connection

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globaloneness project An Aboriginal Connection I don't think you'll find an Aboriginal person who is not proud to be an Aboriginal or a [speaks Maori language] Roger Thomas, Adelaide, Australia, Director, Wilto Yerlo, the Centre for Aboriginal Research and Studies There's a proudness that we have about being Aboriginal in this country, that's wthout saying. The other part to it is that Aboriginal people in this country feel a sense of sadness and feel a sense of—I suppose, helplessness with all the bad things that are happening, whether it's to the environment, whether it is to service delivery, and I suppose a significant matter that brings sadness to us is to our voice as First Nation people. The federal government have closed down our national governing body and its organization, so we don't have a voice in federal parliament today. The current liberal government in Australia in their wisdom has closed that down. So that's—in terms of a feeling amongst Aboriginal people right across the country is a sense of disempowerment, a sense of sadness, because of what's happened politically—and that's not good for us, because we're not able to represent our views and we're not able to tell governments what it is that Aboriginal people want. But I think overall—we're a very proud nation of people, even with all the hardships. Symbolically, we have one flag, that's a symbolic representation of Aboriginal people, and that brings us together. You can travel to any part of the world, and particularly in Australia and see the Aboriginal flag and everybody relates to it, everybody knows there's a oneness about that. Needless to say, there are some places around this country that refuse to fly it because they think it's— there should be only one flag, and that's the Australian flag. So there's a oneness about our flag. in terms of just being Aboriginal, and we all relate to that. No matter where we are, we see other Aboriginal people and we always can connect to each other by the mere fact of being Aboriginal, by understanding of our culture and our relationship to our land and our environment, so we know that anyway. It's not hard to make the connection. You can go to any part of this country and you see another Aboriginal person walking along the street and you acknowledge and you say hello and there's always that connection. It's just the way that things are with Aboriginal people.

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Posted by: global on Jun 1, 2007

Roger Thomas is a professor at the University of Adelaide where he directs Wilto Yerlo, the Centre for Australian Indigenous Research and Studies. Wilto Yerlo is recognized as a center of excellence for Australian Indigenous research and education through partnerships with indigenous people that honors the principle of self determination by sharing knowledge and understanding.

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