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Amy Webb - Identify the signs of change

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And the way that you act more like a pathfinder is to simply always be looking for signals of change. Especially, in times of great disruption. Let's go through a little thought experiment together to see if we can push all of you in the direction more of a pathfinder. Amazon has a microwave. A microwave that largely got ignored when it launched. This is a microwave that is Alexa powered. You can talk to it. You might be, right now, thinking to yourself, "Why do we need to talk to a microwave?" Right? Hopefully, that was the thought that you have, which is the right one. The difference between a pathfinder and a bystander is that the bystander will say, "Why do I need to talk to a microwave?" and go about their day. The pathfinder will say, "Why do we need to talk to a microwave? Why does Amazon want us to talk to a microwave and what does that potentially mean about my business?" So, you can start speculating, or again, you can go about this strategically. The way that I do it is using a strategic foresight framework. It's super easy and I want to share it with you because you can start using it today. It's this thing. It's our eleven macro sources of change. Any time you are looking for signals of disruption, you should consider these eleven macro sources. It's from these eleven areas that most modern change comes from. These are probably areas that you're already aware of. Things like geopolitics and the economy. We like to drill down even deeper than that for primary sources of change, which means that any time I'm looking for anything, I'm trying to put that through the lens of this. So, can I make a connection to the environment? Can I make a connection to demographics? What am I seeing changing in education that might help me interpret whatever this signal is in a new way? My point is this: a company that is oriented to the future looks at an outlier, like a microwave that you can talk to, and it methodically seeks out information. It doesn't simply dismiss-- Not every signal means everything, right? You know, the point here is to not assume that everything matters, but it's to get much better. Methodically collecting data, doing some analysis, to determine what does matter. What signals in the present tell you about your future.

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Amy Webb - Identify the signs of change

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