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Menina's interview & live demo of PRENATAL DANCE on ABC's GOOD MORNING TEXAS (WFAA)

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- Well finding the time and energy to exercise isn't always the easiest thing. And that is especially true when you're pregnant. Now, there's no reason you can't do a little baby boogie thanks to our next guest. This is Menina Fortunato. She's a dancer, a coreographer, and she's also the creator of Prenatal Dance. The first prenatal dance workout of its kind. Menina, how are you today? - I'm good. I'm excited to be here. - Well as a choreographer and a dancer you obviously saw a need in the marketplace. But, you didn't start out in prenatal dance you've worked with all the celebrities right? - I've, I've been very fortunate in the last decade. I've worked with Britney Spears, Beyonce, Earth Wind and Fire, Luis Miguel, Carmen Electra (-Wow), ZZ Top. So I performed all over the world in television and film, music videos, and tours. so I've dibbled and dabbled in everything that I could in dance. And then I became pregnant ( laughs ). - And then kinda, life changed -And then life changed and Prenatal Dance came about. So, obviously midway through my pregnancy is when this idea came about. And I was looking for a workout that I could do while I was pregnant. And I honestly wasn't motivated by what I saw out there. -MmmHmm -And I was amazed that there was actually no dance videos. There's belly dancing, which is very different than what I do. There's Yoga and Pilates and other fitness videos. -Nothing Dance -But nothing about what I do, which is the Jazz and Ballet and the Hip-Hop and I combined that with a little bit of Yoga and some fitness. And uh, I'm really excited about it. - Okay, how did it help your pregnancy along doing something like this? (-Huge...) To maintain your fitness. And how did it help you not only in your pregnancy but for recovery as well? - Well I'm a huge advocate for exercise during pregnancy. I think that it's important that you're doing exercise to, not only for yourself, but also for the baby. It helps for an easier labor. I had an all-natural water birth at home. - Wow! - With a midwife using Hypnobirthing. I had a wonderful experience. And I will credit, good nutrition, good amount of exercise that helps the body prepare. And then quickly bounce back. - Is this a video for everyone, or do you need to have some sort of -- dance background to enjoy (- For everyone) this during your pregnancy? - The great thing about the video is that I have a group of pregnant women. Different stages, different sizes, different fitness levels. Most of them are non-dancers. So there's modified versions of the exercises. So if you are a beginner -- it's for you. But if you are a little bit more advanced. There are some exercises where you can really challenge yourself. - Do you see that women, that the effect you're getting is that -- they're continuing to use this as a resource even after the baby comes? - That's what I'm doing actually. - Really... I'm actually using it. I've been so busy lately. I haven't had a chance to go to the studio. So, I'll actually pop in the video. And, I'll do my workout now. And, I must have been in great shape when I was pregnant. Because I still feel the burn. doing it now. -Wow -It's a really awesome workout. - Hey if it even works for you and you're a trained dancer. I know you got some dancers here in the studio. But, I want to talk about the release of the video and I know you're also doing some shopping specials, just for today. Since we just mentioned Cyber Monday you're taking part of that on Amazon. -Yes, yes... Today only, the video will be forty percent off on Amazon. So, "Prenatal Dance with Menina". Go on Amazon today and only today will be forty percent off. - Oh I bet this is a good gift to not only give to yourself but a great baby shower gift. I mean I would think that a lot of people (-Absolutely) would include that gift to that woman in their life. -You don't have to be pregnant to buy it. If you know someone that is pregnant that is expecting you know it's a nice little stocking stuffer. - If you just want to dance and stuff. -Yeah. -So talk about the different stages of pregnancy. Do you have people using this video from early days to right when they're expecting? -Yes, you can. The moment you find out you are pregnant. I mean honestly anybody could use the video. But the moment you find out you're pregnant it's safe as long as you get, obviously doctor's approval. -Okay. -It's safe to use and do the workout.

And I mean I would go as far as you can and you feel it comfortable. I was dancing until a week before I was pregnant (gave birth). I have a lady here today who is due in a couple of weeks who is doing the workout. -What!? You have a lady here today that is due in a couple of weeks who's about to do some Hip-Hop dancing on GMT What possibly could happen on live television? -Do we have a doctor on set? -We have a spine doctor. I'm sure he can figure it out. I want to walk over with you to them, because there is nothing cuter than seeing pregnant women dancing on GMT. So you've got two different stages of pregnancy. Introduce us to your girls. -Yes, this is Latricia. She is the one that is due in a couple of weeks. And this is Valerie, she is mid-way through her pregnancy about 4 1/2 months now. So she's just starting to show a little belly. And I'm not pregnant, so I guess I can represent the first trimester. -Okay, well that's perfect. I'm going to let you guys take it away and give us a little sample of what we'll see on this video. -Awesome, can we have some music? ♫ Thicke - Be With You ♫ Okay, now we're going to add some arms all the way up here. And then cross behind and thrust them open. Again, Up! Good... Keep going. Really bend the knees, use your plea. From here, we're going to bend the knees. Hands on the hips. Chest up, shoulders back. Good. Either side, up! From here we're going to bring our leg out. And up, nice and slow, you got it. The other side. From here, we're going to step it out. Turn, step, touch, step, sway, step, sway. Other side. Touch, step, sway. Good, now we're going to try tempo all the way down. Here we go. Turn, Step, Here we go... And step. Back. Step. Back. Now we're going to bring it forward. Now from here we're going to do tempo. Add their own little groove. Here we go... Step Back. Nice... Forward. - Menina and company, thank you so much for being here. It's Menina's Prenatal Dance. Is that what it is called? -Prenatal Dance With Menina. -With Menina, you can find it on Amazon today only for that forty percent off or you can go to your website: -Okay thanks so much for being here.

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Posted by: edwub760mo on Feb 2, 2013 Clothing provided by ZOBHA - Music by Thicke - "Be with You"

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