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Lean Content Trailer

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[male narrator] Lean Content is the first ever ♪ music ♪ online course for content creators. [Lean Content] In 10 segments of Lean Content you will learn how to harness technology to innovate your independence. We'll take you through the steps of monetizing, branding, distributing and marketing, your content. [Ondi] I'm Ondi Timoner, director of DIG! and We Live in Public and producer A Total Disruption. Everything is being disrupted and so along with that is the ways that we use to monetize and distribute our work. I tapped on my friend, Eric Ries here, the bestselling author behind The Lean Startup, and I thought that Eric, as an author himself, could shed light on what techniques we can apply towards our own work as we begin to even think about the idea, much less put it out. [Eric] I really believe that the same techniques that we use in the startup world can apply just as much to anyone who is a content creator. [Lean Content] [Ondi] We'll take you to meet the founders and bring you closer to the people who are innovating within your field. Like a traditional course, we want to provide you with something you can actually do. [Assignment] [Eric] Every new piece of content, it doesn't matter what medium, is a startup, and that's true for a film. It's true for a book. It's true for a TV show. It's true for a new blog. Anything. [Ondi] You as an artist already know how to make art. Crossing that chasm and becoming an artist who can do commerce, that's a little more challenging. And these days, we're all charged with figuring that out. We all need to be entrepreneurs. [Scilla Andreen] [CEO & Co-founder - IndieFlix] When it came to distribution, I thought that's where the brain surgeons were. That's where I stepped back and literally turned off and left it to the experts. I made this firm for $750,000 and they're offering me $100,000 advance. It's going to cost me $80,000 to deliver. They'll own it for 20 years. "That's an excellent deal. You should take it. You should be grateful for the exposure." And I just thought, okay, I can't eat exposure. It doesn't pay the rent. I can't raise my kids on it. I don't get it, so I started IndieFlix. I figured if I'm going to make shoes, I might as well have the shoe store. [Emily Best] Founder - Seed&Spark] If you start to look at yourself like a company, you might also start to say, wait a second, why on Earth would I start a company that I know isn't going to be profitable? And why would I constantly sell away my profit margins? Maybe I deserve to be making money. [Eric] No one ever asked, "Hmm, I wonder what we should use our industrial capability to build." But we live in a time where we can build anything that we can imagine, and at least in the first world, we are drowning in stuff. The questions of our time are not can it be built, but should it be built? [Assignment] [1. Who is your audience?] [Test] [Fail] [Pass] [Iterate] [Internet] Most people are drowning in more content than they know what to do with. There's hundreds of hours of content being uploaded to the internet every second. So we as the creators need to think [Income] about content, not just artistically, [Artwork] but also in terms of what is the business proposition that will allow us to keep making it. [male narrator] Whether you're a film maker, musician, writer, or visual artist, we're working to market and sell other people's work. Lean Content will give you the answers you need to succeed. We will also learn from the founders of emerging platforms like IndieGoGo. [Danae Ringelmann] [Founder - Indiegogo] What Indiegogo's doing is creating this incubation platform for ideas to rise to the top based on their own merit, which then actually makes it easier for the traditional financiers or gate-keepers to discover the next big idea that they want to get behind. [male narrator] VHX, Slated, and more, as well as with artists who are using technology to redefine the rules of engagement. [Moby] [Musician] So we put out this single, Shot in the Back of the Head, and we gave it away for free. And we also made it available for sale on iTunes. We realized it was the best selling single from the album on iTunes. Somehow, making it available for free was actually paradoxically helping sales. [Austin Kleon] [Author - Steal Like An Artist] I make a poem every day, and post it to Instagram. That's just my minimum buyable product. So if that's all I do for the day, then I feel like I've done something. [Russell Brand] [Comedian] I hate that middleman. Where is he now? What's he doing, this middleman, now, in the age of Twitter? [male narrator] After reviewing the 10 segments of this unprecedented course for content creators, you'll have mastered how to harness the power of technology that you have at your fingertips. Not only will this technology allow you to create your work more efficiently, but by following the methods in this course, you can distribute your work to your fans and have the greatest impact. Welcome to Lean Content. [A Total Disruption Production] ♪ music fades♪

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Duration: 4 minutes and 33 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Trailer
Director: Ondi Timoner
Views: 99
Posted by: ebkirsten on Jun 25, 2014

Trailer for the Lean Content course from A Total Disruption.

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