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Colossi of love: Kamaki pt.3

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The kamaki was the whole aim of the evening! The tourist got all dressed up, and the men would dress up and went out all perfumed with swagger To meet up at the club, and let the night sail its course. The dancers of the time, went around from club to club, to make a scene And when creating such an event they got the attention of girls, to take them and talk to them. Because Greek dancing was such a huge thing in those days. it was the most exotic thing in the world To be able to dance well, and they even had competitions amongst themselves When there was a battle between 2 kamakia in those days, for a really beautiful woman, He who wanted to win the game Tried to dance better than the other, or do another dance than the other. If 1 of them danced Rock He would put on a record of tsifteteli (belly dance), and come down the stairs with huge swagger To dance better than the other guy who danced the Rock I dance, Samba, Rumba, Jenga, Polka so their own dances i dance .. If for example a Finnish girl came here, she ould love the sirtaki, but i would take her to a Finnish bar, to dance Rumba or something There were boys who danced Greek dances, and they did the Bam, excellently .. Even tourists had learnt the Bam With the Bam you moved your legs to a side, you grabbed her and you lifted her up in the air and down again .. I; ve learnt all the dances. In 1 year, i learnt all my dances. By myself. I watched, followed, bought CD's, tried .. Its something for myself, not for everyone, I love it and i want it May I ask you something? Yes? Have you had a good lunch today? You are strong enough? Can you push the train up a little bit? can you help? because we are going uphill and the train cant make it. The little train is a little bit full today! The Swedish were mostly in Rhodos. This relationship came because it was the first island there were straight trips to and from Sweden. The first travel club opened up in Sweden or whatever In Nafplio most tourists are French. And i remember that the boys in the cafeteria's when things got hotter as the night progressed .. Let's go for a beach party! And by that you can understand what crazy things happened. How are the kamakia organised here in Nafplio? In the best way possible .. Ow and how's that? There were votes. Votes? Yes votes and we have a president who organises it with the foreigners. So, with rules? Yes. What rules? can you tell us? Well dont steal the girl of another. Let there be honor, and everything in consession. First things first, and everything falls into place. Thats how the president decided the rules. So you are ethical about your business? Ofcourse! And we have a lot of history about how our organisation came to be. Organisation? Yes, its called the 'octopus' .. Why call it octapus? because the reach of kamaki is over the whole island. On one occasion, we were looking for new crew for the sail boats And we picked guys from the neighbourhoods, local people. We hired one very strange kid. Who was really short, with a huge head, and really ridiculously huge ears. He looked something like an alien. A monster! One day he says, "I cant come to work tomorrow" "Because i have some things to do" So the next day, in the afternoon, we anchored near Kalithea, near the springs over there. And on the other side of the road, we see that little leprechaun walking there. With 2 absolutely beautiful blonde women on his arms. And he's holding them by their waist, passing in front of us .. Full of confidence, like he was saying "Check out my victories!" And we were perplexed! ho can it be true that those beauties .. Those unbelievable women, could ever like that little monster! What can i say, we had to scratch out heads. THATS how big the thirst was for Greek "products" When i see people walking on the street, even if we dont talk. I immediately can tell where they're from. I can understand through .. the "look" They really knew the ethnicities. Its something you learn with time here. In the beginning I had no idea how they did that. How did they know I was from Finland. Or knew they were from Sweden etc. Now I understand how they do it. I can do it too. I have no idea how it works. its something which you see and feel. Alright, Swedish girl's are taller and very beautiful. Finnish girls are shorter and more closed. German girls are whatever. English girls are very white I wont ever be wrong, its very hard to catch me being wrong. They even say to me "Bruno, how do you know this?" Even their horoscope sign i can tell. Im right every time. What are the general characteristics of each country, put plainly? I believe for example that German girls are very cold. French girls have to get used to you a bit more than usual. A Swedish woman might be more easy in sex. But she is also more picky about who it will be. They made choices about who she liked most. French girls are the most tough in sex. They like 69, and extreme stuff. I could like that too, depending on the woman im with. I've done much weird shit .. Finnish girls are more withholding, more closed personalities, You had to go out with them a few nights and days before they let you come closer. Swiss girls like to have romantic adventures for a while. Austrian girls are ready for bed immediately. American girls like to see the craziness here. Thats the way it is! Italian girls are a lot harder to get. I've not yet been with one. The ones that were highly prized were the Icelandish girls. No one wanted Irish girls. We heard the words "irish girls" and we turned around, not for a million. And the excuse we used in those days for that was because we didnt want to upset the british tourists .. I once had sex with a German girl who drove me crazy! I couldnt walk with my legs! She completely rocked my world! I had no idea where i was anymore! Instead of the toilet, i went to the kitchen! I lost track .. i saw death above me! For a Greek .. Sex and sexuality is always .. eehm, how to explain this .. Everything, from thought to action .. is always coming from .. from there! (Sex) Yeah .. I've even given classes in sex. One woman who made love to me, I wated first to teach her some tricks .. My style of tricks! We in Scandinavia, are not like that .. We dont talk about those subjects Its not one of the first subjects in general on anyone's mind. Here in Greece, everyone can feel that everything revolves around sexuality. That probably is also one of the reasons why we love Greece so much So that for a bit, we dont have to live in such .. Closed and grey environments. Here we can have crazy adventures in peace. When i was young .. I didnt think much further than `those girls are easy` Now that I'm older and I can think back with a different mindset. I believe that the relationship between 2 people, Being in love, and sex .. Is the most natural thing in the world, that should never be hidden. The people who know and enjoy it without shame. With respect to himself and others. Is someone who enojoys and respects one of the biggest forces in life. For true beauty in love, you must feel it. Not sex for 5 minutes, I dont like 5 minute sex somewhere I made love on the beach, in the water, the rocks .. I showed them life! I once met a girl on the airport, and she said .. Im not taking the bus from the airport to the city .. I will go with my boyfriend who is Greek. I knew who that boyfriend was, and I said alright, fine. We leave the airport with the bus, and as we're nearing the city .. Which is .. Uphill. Before you go down to the city. And we see the kamaki, with that girl from the airport And 2 suitcases on a little red Vespa © And he came from the airport with the Vespa © Carrying the suitcases, which were hanging from both sides! That situation for example, the kamaki is also an adventure. In our country, you would never even imagine a situation like that. You would never see anyone do something like that, even if it was his girlfriend. And everyone in the bus laughed! And everyone understood that it was the Finnish girl who we saw on the airport with her Greek boyfriend. One guy i knew .. who didnt speak English very well. One time he took a Swedish girl and he took her to Monte Smith to the ancient stadium Because many boys from the kamaki didnt have homes and rooms .. especially not to bring girls So they took them to beaches, under trees, in the mountains, on a boat .. etc. So he was with that girl .. And that Swedish girl was giving `oral love`, and she used a lot of teeth ........ And he was hurting .. But he didnt speak English, so what did he do? He then said to her; Yo!, Yo! - No Souvlaki! Ice-Cream! Ice cream! I; ve slept with about 3500 women in my life. When I say 3500, i really mean 3500. I; ve gone to Scandinavia, and in 1 day i had 10 girl's numbers, in 1 day .. From my 17th when it started on Rhodos, to this day .. Do you come here every night around the same time? Yes, well not only here, Im a fisherman. I go around here, and the taverna's around here But mostly here What are you looking for? Women .. Are you married? No im single So no one? No, im completely single! I come here because i see a lot of people And in 40 days, ive had 20 women, and its fun. I was serious with 2 of them, but they didnt like that Why? I dont know, they didnt want a realtionship. And you? what do you do? I'm in Econometrics. And do you dance? yes I dance every night in this place. Every night .. And what happens, how do you get women? Well we dance, we get into a conversations and thats all. They dance on the table, they have fun .. I sometimes see young men, who have less luck than us with women Why? because the young ones immediately hit on the girls, and we sit back, and the women come to us.

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