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Let's not talk Bakthi. Sadhguru

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Somebody who has so many questions, should never talk about Bhakthi. Because Bhakthas have no questions. That's why I am telling you, for you people, I am keeping the bhakthi out. Because you are incapable of devotion. If we talk devotion, you will end up deception. So, better just slice every thing and look what is inside. Because your mind is made like this. If I give you this and say, "you should never open this you should never open this, just keep this with you, this will take you to heaven." In your sleep, you will walk sleepwalk, and go open it. Isn't it so ? So that's the kind of mind you have. So don't talk Bhakthi now. We will see, when those things change we'll talk Bhakthi. Because I am not here to profound philosophies for you. I'm here just to give you a method that works, for you. Not for somebody else. There were some great bhakthas somewhere where he was jumping with the ecstasy. It doesn't matter. That's not for you. I am not saying you will never be capable of that. But right now with a thinking mind a mind which likes logic more than anything else with this mind, don't talk bhakthi, you'll just deceive your self. When such a thing comes that your mind and what your mind says is no more significant to you, then bhakthi will naturally come. You don't have to do any thing about it. But right now what your mind says is very important for you. Isn't it? Yes or no? When what your mind says is important for you Do not talk bhakthi. It'll be a waste of time and life.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 Sadhguru discusses the make up of the mind and the importance of keeping focus. (NO3)

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