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tracking Systems

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Hello T.Majdi and Hello MS.Lina Although her young age but she is clever and kindness . Hello: Lina From and we begin with logo your satefy is important in the week of arabic traffic. Talk about "Goodby of theft car" my Guest Today she explain about tracking devices which device we will begin with it? Lina: "greeting every one" I begin with device FoxLite From serbain company called Geneko . we see in application the date/time Location speed and the power voltage the device work with the battery of car. but not lead to when you go. Lina said : yes but you can install navigate to lead you where you want to go. it is accessories ? and what is accessories can install with device ? yes. and we can install IbuttonReader with key to identify driver any driver have own key with serial number and we put the serial with driver name to see the driver report. what option about fuel ? we need external sensor for fuel install with Geneko device as advance Features. to see the fuel consumption what is about speed ? you see in report and alarm . and need we any accessories to calculate speed? No. need any accessories and you can see the number of times of overspeed and the limit of speed the driver drive with it. No need accessories to this features of speed ? yes. just device you see in report the all event of overspeed and the value of speed in same case. T.Majdi say: we advice people to not say which device is better . what is the device can do also ? we can install relay to stop engine remotely by sms from mobile phone and you can see the location in the application when the driver go to the un wanted zone you can call to ask him . or stop engine. If the car is stop ? you can also send the message and the car engine never work until you send another command message. if the battery of car out of the car? The device give you location. and the limit of internal battery of device about 4 hours if the car moving and maybe 1 or 2 days. you say the battery is out of car means 4 hours ^_^. what is the technology we need to add to device to work

you need sim data from any telecommunication company zain sudani or MTN. because we doing setting to the device to sms center number to which telecom company you want to use

what happened if the device go to the coverage area not good or not available coverage it save all location in it internal memory of device.

and when device arrive to the coverage area it will send all location to the server. because the device Know the location from the GPS not from the coverage of network. you see in the application previous date and you know that's from limitation of network. if you see delay in the software application you know that's from network delay. and when the device find the coverage area it will send the location in the internal memory of device. see the video the about the theft of car and how the tracking device help the people to find car. ^_^ what is about this device it record the car moving? it call passive tracking . not real time it used before many years.

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